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Thread: looking for a certain Om Namo Shivaya

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    looking for a certain Om Namo Shivaya

    Hi, can someone help me find this music, I listened to Om Namo Shivaya (Oooooooom Namooooo Shivaayaaaaaa loop) in vibration chant with strong vedic voice by some unknown male artist/ singer when I was baby million times every day till 5 years old, even in sleep, which developed, grow my brain a lot.
    Not Om Nama Shiva Har Har Bola Nama Shiva
    ones, but just Om Namo Shivaya with vibration sound, frequency same as veda, om, other main chants, similar frequency to this Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya

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    Re: looking for a certain Om Namo Shivaya

    Any luck?
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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