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Thread: What school do this newbie's beliefs and experiences fit into?

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    Question What school do this newbie's beliefs and experiences fit into?

    Hi guys. Quick question. From what I've personally experienced I'm a monist, I've felt on numerous occasions that there is only one Thing, one Mind, in existence and that everything else is only real insofar as it's composed of/a product of that mind. I'm basically getting caught up between idealism and realism, advaita and vishishta advaita, and it's making finding a deity tradition really difficult for me. I stick with being a Vaishnava for now because, tbh, while I was Buddhist and didn't know much about Hinduism I decided to use intentionally marijuana as an entheogen (I'm clean of everything but my e-cigarette now btw) and I suddenly felt my insides feel more solid and something like a line extending upward from my third eye chakra about a foot into the air and I blurted something out about being Krishna. Whoops, made myself Krishna conscious before I knew that was a thing! Anyways, I hope I didn't run afoul of any rules there, I just felt it was an important detail. I'm just a neophyte tripping over all the details over here.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: What school do this newbie's beliefs and experiences fit into?


    Just take your time, things will fall into place for you.
    Spend some time reading and maybe even visiting a nearby temple?
    Good luck! <3

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