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    Light knowledge sponge

    Hello or I guess it's Namaste around here. Being raised in America I was of course taught to find God through the Bible as Jesus and that was the only way. Some time ago I came to the point where I said if I'm going to be honest with myself and live sincerely I cannot follow this God. Immediately after choosing to part ways with my first religion I swore off other religions in fear that I would co-dependently jump from one crutch to another. I tried to stay with a philosophical mind and just learn without preconceptions. During this time I read the Bhagava gita and loved every bit of it so much so I read it again and again. After that I began going to yoga classes and messing with different meditation ideas so I guess that makes me an apple (red on the outside white in the middle), right? Since that time I've read the Ramayana and started reading the Upanishads. I certainly have my own opinions on matters and will have trouble letting go of ideas but I'm not looking for a religion to conform to me I'm not looking for a God to serve I'm looking for guidance to increase my understanding and if that leads me somewhere my current mental state disagrees with then so be it. So if anyone of you have wisdom to share or just want to discuss different things about religion, life and what not feel free to send me a message.

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    Hi there, I'm also new toSanatana Dharma

    Read how to create a church app

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    Come to peace with yourself; investigate everything , trust your instincts... And listen - one's heart won't speak loudly enough to be heard without peaceful time made for it, it can be best heard in the quiet.

    Strengthen yourself gradually and find yourself solid ground -- this is always within, within the heart. . . We can take shelter of our heart, and within our heart of God.

    Write and learn the path of peace through steps and stages.


    As a practical guide, one cannot go wrong with Swami and Sri Ramakrishna.

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