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Thread: What has been the major contributor to the decaying of Indian Civilization ?

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    What has been the major contributor to the decaying of Indian Civilization ?



    The India of ancient ages (at least 8000 - 30000+ BC) has been known to be different than what we are today. Possibly the continuity was there till the Gupta Dynasty, though some decaying was already there as is evident from the mention of caste by Buddha.

    However we did not hear about much of the attributes related to this civilization like sati, child marriage, gunghat, lower position of women in society, etc. Also there is a big gap in the knowledge level, way of education, societal development, etc.

    Where has the discontinuity crept in and led to this major downfall ?

    How to arrest this downfall ?

    Love and best wishes
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: What has been the major contributor to the decaying of Indian Civilization ?

    Namaste Kallol Ji,

    First place to arrest this downfall is ourself, if there was more of a collective on this then everything should naturally work out by itself.

    Back to the real world. In terms of India which I dont want to get into to much things are usually blamed on Foreign influence and aggressive invaders, which holds a lot of truth and also what effects India in terms of spiritual understanding is anthropomorphic Monotheism, this is quite a subject and will leave that for others to talk about, but I would prefer to support the ridding of any trace of monotheism in the dharma traditions, there is no natural monotheism in any dharma tradition, so why start to include it, when its been the root cause of human disaster historically globally, and distorts the natural solution.

    This entry is more about the ancient world in general, we tend to have a romantic notion of the good old days, when everything was so great and everyone was in satya yuga. Its the same in all cultures from native American, European pagans, Celts and Druids, Australian Aboriginals and so on, all with very unique deep spirituality very much connected to the earth and the heavens and beyond. The timeline followed by ancients times was not linear.

    Apparently we are in a period where there are the lowest levels of war, a future generation may look back and call this a type of golden period, but still were faced with birth, old age, disease and death on a daily basis, karm, krodh lobh are still here, even though we have so called modern adjustments to make everything so called more convenient.

    I visited a satsang in London recently and there was this whole complicated argument about Kings having so many wifes in ancient times, I will paint a vague picture of the dialogue where a Hindu woman was struggling to understand from modern political correct point of view what the role of women were in vedic culture and treta yuga of Lord Rama was, as Kings had so many wives and Raja Ram only was married to Sita. The dialogue that went back and forth was just a fabricated attempt to put this into a modern day moral teaching that reflected a pristine purity of the ancient world which was more spiritual. More than likely the reason why Kings had so many wives was due to the population having far more women because most the men were killed in battles, and ruling kings gave them protection or enslaved them, the welfare of the women would be dependent on the nature of the King, which varies. Im not sure it would all be sattvic.

    In Regards to Siddharta and that Historical period, I understand what most Hindus are taught about this period but the vast majority is just dead wrong and again another fabrication of events in history and the culture of ancient India.

    We live in the same world today as they did back then and at all times, the conditions are not different, the appearance is different. Lets say people in modern times in the West might look on the early 60's as a great time with so many people being spiritual enlightened and the west and east meeting in harmony with so many great enlightened teachers, and now its just a business industry. That will not really reflect an accurate assessment of that time line. So linear history is tricky and is based on biased facts or lack of true facts. Problems to different degrees existed then and the same as they do now, but the dress is different. I am sure like most places in the world people had spirituality but they also had competing empires and war or battles between neighbors and what we would call proxy wars now would be have been present in human society. I could say the world is great, no problems here with me (I wish) , while in Palestine as we speak a mother loses a son, or son sees his mother shot dead. Then tomorrow I can wake up and my son is dead and in Palestine people may be celebrating a wedding or a new birth.

    To work on fixing the outside world everyone now is brainwashed or forced to think that somehow the politicians will save it, or religion, an outside God will drop from the sky or send his son to save the day or some up and coming avatar, a future Buddha, but in reality there is nothing to fix on the outside. I see the yugas as related to our singular evolution through the avastha's or our experiential mental states of being, which should cause an involution at some point and then made whole.

    There have been so many saints and seers and extremely good people, has the world got better, has birth old age disease and death been solved, will it ever get solved on the outside, if so were the previous enlightened rishis lacking something, could they have done more, could they have fully stopped creation. But still we have the same problems now as they had in ancient times, its just different dress, it appears to be different but its not, the problems and the solution are the same.
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    Re: What has been the major contributor to the decaying of Indian Civilization ?

    Namaste ,

    Some historical understanding is helpful or it at least helped me, to identify where some of the current issues and solutions evolved. How both monotheism and the dry empirical approach both in the academic and objective science and religious fields are out of balance and why.

    The global ancient world based their culture and civilization on the complete balance of the 3 avasthas and Turiya, it meant it was a complete civilization. In the West the problems came from the both the church and the intellectual movements having disputes over both power and autonomy of knowledge. The Church was repressive and the intellectuals who were more insightful were either killed or imprisoned, so there was no way in which they could express their insights in normal society, due to the suppression of forced anthropomorphic monotheism. Due to this environment being the basis of the culture of the geographical west it grew out of balance, the natural ability for wisdom prajna into the general psyche was destroyed to keep the society healthy, balanced and full. Which lead to the gap between science and religion and the consequences of their disunity, which we see today still in its continuum, and it effects everyone.

    As per the solution the ancients gave a timeless message on how to balance the left and right hemisphere to the most profound and ultimate potential through, equanimity and wisdom prajna the intermediate state which is enriched with knowledge of turiya.

    In all ancient cultures that balance of the states and beyond was seen and expressed in everything. IN language, in art, in sculpture, medicine, all aspects of life, life was based in the understanding of bhuman or completeness, a simple picture or mantra or the most sophisticated Architect and composition of divine langues all equally concealed and revealed knowledge of fullness~Brahman

    I will add some more later when I have time, due to the urge to share something that I think is quite important and keeps with the context of the post, and I consider that ancient culture is never destroyed and the purity is always maintained, even if in the outside physical world it appears to be on the decline. Certainly in any and civilization everyone is faced with a huge shift in the way of life, can the principles of the ancient way of human beings synthesis and bring it into balance to uphold and preserve ancient ways of life, seems a big challenge as a collective some places seems to be doing quite well. Truly we lived a more organic and less polluted atmosphere, but the natural world even if lived in its best state still provides us with seriously problems on the mental and physical plane due to the inherent qualities of birth, old age, disease , death and greed , hatred and delusion. 2500 years ago The Buddha directly addressed the issues of Dukkha, it was the same dukkha that we experience now, and future generations will also have the same issues that make dukkha or sorrow.


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