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    Good Deed for the Day


    To do good and bring light is the duty of the sadhaka, its his seva, it maybe imperfect but Krsna says all endevours are covered by some fault, this is not against anyone but just to bring some thoughts on Vedanta and its adversaries.

    I was not going to post this and write to a friend or two to see what they think. But decided to put it here. Its just something to think about. I only write to try and bring some unity to Dharma traditions and help minimize the influence of Monotheistic Materialism.

    Jai Gurudeva

    Please forgive any errors.

    I did a quick search and found a regular Gaudia page which attempts at translating( very badly) both Buddha Dharma and Adi Shankaras Bhasya on what is mayavada and sunyavada. Buddha Dharma and Vedanta are synonymous and not contradicting each other, but the general translations on other traditions are wrong and deeply corrupted. Both Buddha Dharma and Vedanta both arrive at the perfect conclusion and realization in accordance with all Dharma Acharyas pervading all time and space~Brahman, which will soon become an undisputed fact and once united can counter act and bring back the balance made by Materialists Monotheists who only looks to control the outside world when the Dharmic controls first his inside loka and purifies that so there is harmony, peace and the path to liberation is practiced with celebration enthusiasm and unity.

    They use a verse from Padma Purana ( if only my sanskrit was better it would be so easy)

    mayavadam asat-sastram pracchanam-baudham ucyate mayaiva kalpitam devim kalau brahmana rupinah (Padma Purana 6.236.7)

    When I try to read this, I put myself in the context of the state or samadhi, by vikalpa of course, but this intuition I think grows when practice starts to mature, this is very high vak para vak for para vidya. It aligns perfect with the lankavatara sutra, where Buddha explains that everything he taught was just to bring him to the point of enlightenment and he should let go of all the dharmas, or at least the attachment to them. His teachings dharmas known clearly in sushupti were to train the chitta to the ultimate state and were methods/yuktas and its now time to leave the boat in the bay, shastra is written and understood in sushupti, sushupti reveals turiya, when turiya is known sushupti is not needed, but it can be used for descent of Brahman.

    All Vak powers methodology, sadhana, upaya, inline with universal dharmas learned in sushupti, to bring one back to perfect silence ~acintya, I see asat~shastra in the same context of Mandukhya Upanishad mantra 7. I also recently discovered the descent of the Bodhisattva are expansions of Kala~Time, Brahman in Sushupti to purify the Jagrat sense consciousness and Svapna outgoing awareness Lokas and fully retrain the wandering chitta. Bodhisattva's are fully understood in their descent, their descending powers and qualities transform the chitta, in the intermediate state . We realize them in their purity and completeness in sushupti, prasade who is mix of shakti and shiva to varying degrees depending on ones dhyana or absorption.

    Maya is a complex word, to complex for limited mundane anthropomorphic monotheistic materialists who are a spiritual virus who try to suppress the knowledge of the intermediate state~sushupti, so consciousness gets trapped in the psycho physical and under control of the outward going mind and senses, mono comes from moon and theism is to control, they control that aspect of mind, right side lucid , free, creative intuitive, introspective side of consciousness, or so they think, they are powerful, its not just used in religion, any institute of power they will influence, science, philosophy all of it, politics the lot, history, neurology.

    Back to maya I have divided it into two parts, for some intellectual viveka, which then hopefully gets more ingrained in the vrittis for reflection, pause and space and the magic of Time~Brahman, to see reality as it is without modification of conditioned mind and senses. lower maya is the bonding side of prakriti which lacks consciousness of anything higher than rajas and tamas, in sattva one starts to wake up. In the awakening process we start our sadhana, according to yuktas/methods or release, given by previous Self realized beings, discovered in the unified field of sushupti, awakened through prasade who sees the effort of the sadhaka.

    These yuktas or methods help to bring the mind to perfect equanimity in balance, balance of the mind and sense consciousness, when that is balanced it grants prasade, per second chapter of Bhagavad Gita. MahaMaha is when Prakriti starts to mix again with pure consciousness Turiya, and the unbinding begins. Mahamaya is the sushupti state mixing with Turiya as I understand at this point, where the mind is cleansed at its deepest level of all kleshas, all obstructions are removed and replaced with higher dharmas, that bring balance and freedom to jagrat, svapna and sense, mind consciousness, these are the inner viharas built in sushupti to protect dharma. All dharma's teachings are in sushupti stage, sushupti is always mixing with different levels of awareness of Turiya in its purity, or realized in sushupti stage and descend through the sadhus Acaharyas~ Ones who teach through adhikara.

    But when the obstructions and modifications, or when maya has been fully purified, what is the need for shastra or teachings or yuktas for oneself, there is inward yukta for ones own benefit and there is outward yukta that the Acharyas, one who leads by example give to others and spread pure dharma in the jagrat and svapna world for protection of the dharma and all beings contained within, which would include all the yoga systems. Abhidharma counts 84,000 yuktas Dharmas that apply diversely in different formations to each individual for samyaksambhodi, perfect awakening......

    Bhagavad Gita says the same thing. Give up all dharmas and just let go, fall into Self with full confidence, no need for any more supports than this, all dharmas for the ascending jiva have been fulfilled.

    Obviously the complications and divisions are added by monotheists, to cause division and argument, they did a great Job.

    vedarthan maha-sastram mayavadam avaidikam mayaiva kathitam devi jagatam nasakaranat This powerful doctrine of Mayavada resembles the Vedas, but is by nature non-Vedic. O goddess, I propagate this philosophy in order to destroy the world. (Padma Purana 6.236.11)

    When Sat is revealed in para vak which unified with para vidya one experiences veda, this is the mahashastram great teaching. Destroy the worlds would means purifying the 3 lokas, liberating the 3 lokas, jagrat, sense consciousness , Svapna, outgoing mind consciousness, sushupti, intermediate stage to become Whole and undivided.

    in even more simple laymans terms when the teachings/dharmas which are so powerful in sushupti states but once realized there is no need for them, but are carried on through the Mind but svapna maintains the dharma through its outgoing awareness and senses but are fully in union with turiya.

    In the Pali cannons Buddha, awakened awareness, would visit the devas and train them in dharma if there was discord misalignment, both within the subtle cosmology known in arupa jhanas and in the world to teach regulation and freedom, calm and unity to general society.

    So we have two statements aligned together by monotheists to come to a false and manufactured conclusion, that has no real basis other than poor translations, supported by NLP scripts, fashioned and cultivated to cause discord and unrest, to upset the balance of the natural equanimity and descent of dharma and to ultimately destroy the real power of Devi, who is always mixing with Turiya. Im a little bit intense on this point at the moment because I see Monotheism as the root cause of all problems in the man(mind) made world, materialistic society.

    Jai Guru Datta

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