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Thread: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Namaste markandeya 108 dasa

    Access to the scriptures and their interpretation are different for each individual. Equally diverse is the assignment of divine beings to the chakras.

    From somewhere the vision of a flat earth has to come, being obviously deeply rooted in humanity since the turtle is found in countless creation myths.

    The mentioned text from Agni Purana was so fascinating for me because is says, that the earth changes to ‚flat as a turtle‘ (not to ‚flat as a disc‘) during or after pralaya. Later, at time of a new creation it seems earth changes to a globe.

    This I brought in connection with the old vision of a flat earth, so many ancient folks had.

    We have two eyes, a physical and a mystical. With our physical eye we see the globe. With our mystical we ‚see‘ the flat earth. This mystical eye was highly developed in ancient times.

    Let me give another example. The Ganga is said to be dirty. This is true, when we look at Her with our physical eye. With the mystical eye She is not only clean, She is divine because She arose from water that touched the fifth avatar's foot. Thus Hindus take a bath in this dirty water and drinkt it to become clean inside.

    These are only my thoughts, my view … I cannot provide a sanskrit sloka and science will not accept it. So what ...

    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Harih Om

    In Samkhya the elements are given in parts. Earth according to the description is flat, dull, without movement, inert. Like the difference between a live and dead body, body mass is flat, life less. Earth elements depends on something else for movement Ie Water which is fluid. The boundary for the universe does not extend outside of the skin of the body according to the samadhi traditions. And from there is to refine and guide the conscious awareness ~ drishti~ sight to the more subtle elements, next one being water which is at first reflected to water in the body and then movement in mind, the fluidity of mind is related to chandra dev or the moon. If Earth element considered as the grossest was to exist on its own it would have no life or movement at all. Then meditation on fire, air and space elements, attention is being turned inwards and more refined and gross coverings on the chitta are being released. The bhutas take on divine attributes when there is association in the chitta with prajna 3rd state. In short, everything the jiva needs to know is within the macrocosm the bramanda through the buddhis and prasade, but before this there has to be periods of time where the chitta is in detached, suspended state from mind and sense consciousness, for this the right type of sadhan and personal system is needed to bring all elements to equanimity, thats why samkhya precedes the knowledge of brahmanda the inner or subtle universe. Without perfection in this state, the supra mental state prajna Brahman realization will not be full.

    Opened the mystic eye as you put it is the awakening of the chitta to see the macrocosm which is the main identity of the puranas. Outward perception as in geographical shapes of the planet is just not important or even considered, matter is dull lifeless, what is being revealed is the subtle, which is veiled beyond the conditions which bind the jiva, what binds him as the microcosm the individual simple does posses the vast expanded consciousness to understand the macrocosm brahmanda the cosmic egg. Bramanda does not mean the outside universe visible with mind and empirical senses is in the shape of an egg. Egg represents fertility and the womb of growth into full transcendence. Puranas are the 3rd state, I would say that all the shastra's and sutras are in 3rd state, not influenced by conditioned perception and self view and directly linking one to the 4th turiya when the mind turns inwards or is not distracted by the outward seeking mind and senses.

    Kurmadev is no myth, he is an avatar, cognized in its divine roop form when chitta is awake in the bramanda macrocosm. Some key features is that a turtle can breath on land and water, when its disturbed outside he withdraws all his limbs ( senses and mind ) pratyhara. Kurma can be used as a practical object of reflection vikalpa on his divine roop and attributes, a type of inner imagination to build up the conditions for awakening the real vishuddhi chakra for dharshan and of Kurmadev who is one aspect of Divine Being.

    Jai Sri Krsna
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