Namaste markandeya 108 dasa

Access to the scriptures and their interpretation are different for each individual. Equally diverse is the assignment of divine beings to the chakras.

From somewhere the vision of a flat earth has to come, being obviously deeply rooted in humanity since the turtle is found in countless creation myths.

The mentioned text from Agni Purana was so fascinating for me because is says, that the earth changes to ‚flat as a turtle‘ (not to ‚flat as a disc‘) during or after pralaya. Later, at time of a new creation it seems earth changes to a globe.

This I brought in connection with the old vision of a flat earth, so many ancient folks had.

We have two eyes, a physical and a mystical. With our physical eye we see the globe. With our mystical we ‚see‘ the flat earth. This mystical eye was highly developed in ancient times.

Let me give another example. The Ganga is said to be dirty. This is true, when we look at Her with our physical eye. With the mystical eye She is not only clean, She is divine because She arose from water that touched the fifth avatar's foot. Thus Hindus take a bath in this dirty water and drinkt it to become clean inside.

These are only my thoughts, my view … I cannot provide a sanskrit sloka and science will not accept it. So what ...