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Thread: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Namaste markandeya 108 dasa

    Access to the scriptures and their interpretation are different for each individual. Equally diverse is the assignment of divine beings to the chakras.

    From somewhere the vision of a flat earth has to come, being obviously deeply rooted in humanity since the turtle is found in countless creation myths.

    The mentioned text from Agni Purana was so fascinating for me because is says, that the earth changes to ‚flat as a turtle‘ (not to ‚flat as a disc‘) during or after pralaya. Later, at time of a new creation it seems earth changes to a globe.

    This I brought in connection with the old vision of a flat earth, so many ancient folks had.

    We have two eyes, a physical and a mystical. With our physical eye we see the globe. With our mystical we ‚see‘ the flat earth. This mystical eye was highly developed in ancient times.

    Let me give another example. The Ganga is said to be dirty. This is true, when we look at Her with our physical eye. With the mystical eye She is not only clean, She is divine because She arose from water that touched the fifth avatar's foot. Thus Hindus take a bath in this dirty water and drinkt it to become clean inside.

    These are only my thoughts, my view … I cannot provide a sanskrit sloka and science will not accept it. So what ...

    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Harih Om

    In Samkhya the elements are given in parts. Earth according to the description is flat, dull, without movement, inert. Like the difference between a live and dead body, body mass is flat, life less. Earth elements depends on something else for movement Ie Water which is fluid. The boundary for the universe does not extend outside of the skin of the body according to the samadhi traditions. And from there is to refine and guide the conscious awareness ~ drishti~ sight to the more subtle elements, next one being water which is at first reflected to water in the body and then movement in mind, the fluidity of mind is related to chandra dev or the moon. If Earth element considered as the grossest was to exist on its own it would have no life or movement at all. Then meditation on fire, air and space elements, attention is being turned inwards and more refined and gross coverings on the chitta are being released. The bhutas take on divine attributes when there is association in the chitta with prajna 3rd state. In short, everything the jiva needs to know is within the macrocosm the bramanda through the buddhis and prasade, but before this there has to be periods of time where the chitta is in detached, suspended state from mind and sense consciousness, for this the right type of sadhan and personal system is needed to bring all elements to equanimity, thats why samkhya precedes the knowledge of brahmanda the inner or subtle universe. Without perfection in this state, the supra mental state prajna Brahman realization will not be full.

    Opened the mystic eye as you put it is the awakening of the chitta to see the macrocosm which is the main identity of the puranas. Outward perception as in geographical shapes of the planet is just not important or even considered, matter is dull lifeless, what is being revealed is the subtle, which is veiled beyond the conditions which bind the jiva, what binds him as the microcosm the individual simple does posses the vast expanded consciousness to understand the macrocosm brahmanda the cosmic egg. Bramanda does not mean the outside universe visible with mind and empirical senses is in the shape of an egg. Egg represents fertility and the womb of growth into full transcendence. Puranas are the 3rd state, I would say that all the shastra's and sutras are in 3rd state, not influenced by conditioned perception and self view and directly linking one to the 4th turiya when the mind turns inwards or is not distracted by the outward seeking mind and senses.

    Kurmadev is no myth, he is an avatar, cognized in its divine roop form when chitta is awake in the bramanda macrocosm. Some key features is that a turtle can breath on land and water, when its disturbed outside he withdraws all his limbs ( senses and mind ) pratyhara. Kurma can be used as a practical object of reflection vikalpa on his divine roop and attributes, a type of inner imagination to build up the conditions for awakening the real vishuddhi chakra for dharshan and of Kurmadev who is one aspect of Divine Being.

    Jai Sri Krsna
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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Dear Friends,

    When any information about a design or architecture of a structure is needed, the best person to provide that information is the Architect who has designed the structure. Similarly, the original architect of this Universe is Paramathma and hence its quite natural to look for references where He tells or shows information about the design of this Universe. Let look into this part of the scripture which nails the question under discussion.

    Srimad Bhagawatam

    A beautiful Avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu, Hrishikesha Vaasudeva Sri Krishna, the all merciful Paramathma came down to this planet Earth, to treat His blessed devotees with His divine activities. His mother, one of the most pious and greatest devotee of Paramathma,Yashodha was experiencing the divine bliss with her little son, Sri Krishna in Vrindavan. Once when Balarama and His friends complained to Yashoda that Krishna was mischievously eating mud, Yashodha went on to check with Her Divine Son, if He was eating mud. She asked that Adi Purusha to open His divine mouth to see if there was any mud in that and then this is exactly what she saw in the mouth of the Architect of this Universe...Please remember the original Designer, Creator and the Architect of this Universe is showing this...

    Srimad Bhagawatam 10-8-37

    sā tatra dadṛśe viśvaṁ
    jagat sthāsnu ca khaṁ diśaḥ

    sā tatra dadṛśe - She, inside the Divine little mouth of Paramathma, saw ,
    Vishwam - The entire Universe
    Jagath Sthaasnu - made up of moving and static entities
    Kham - the unlimited sky
    Dishah - all the directions


    The most important term here is "BHU-GOLAM" Gola or Golam here in Sanksrit means "SPHERE"...Sphere is one where every point on the surface is equi-distant from the center..GOLA - Aakara[shape] is used to describe a SPHERE..not a disc...

    The description very beautifully and clearly says

    sa adri - with mountains
    Dweepa - Islands[continents]
    Abdhi - Water
    Bhu - EARTH

    THE SPHERICAL-EARTH HAS MOUNTAINS, ISLANDS AND WATER - A perfect description of the modern day photo of earth when seen from space, isnt it?

    There cant be a better description as this is shown by the Creator Himself to His divine mother, inside His little mouth

    It gets even more informative..
    sa vaayu agni...There is wind and fire also on Earth

    And then Yashoda gets the zoomed out version too
    Indu - Moon
    Taarakam - Numerous Stars

    It cant get more perfect than this...Earth is described as a sphere with mountains, oceans, islands and with wind[atmosphere] and fire and then zooming out, the description of our Moon and the numerous stars[Sun is also a star is perfectly embedded in here] Taara is the Sanskrit word for star

    Again, as a conclusion, BHU-GOLAM[Sanskrit term for SPHERICAL-EARTH], mentioned in this sacred text, where Paramathma Himself is showing the Universe to His mother, should clear all doubts!

  4. Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    It is reasonably easy to prove, with simple, personal, direct observation of phenomena, that the earth is a sphere...or, well, spherical. If you are adept at math, you can follow the equations and see why this is so....

    So, if I said to you, without consulting any books or any past experience, derive the mathematical figure PI. Adepts at math can personally discover how the ancient mathematicians came to discover geographical concepts. If you can derive that on your own, you will pretty quickly see why the earth is not flat.

    Now, you know, that takes the kind of mind that graduates college with a degree in math and a perfect GPA.

    But if you go to a local college and talk with the astronomy professors and have them slowly take you through the original work, by ancient man, that discovered that the earth is should be able to eventually follow the math and see why it is a direct and easy solution. Might take, oh...2 - 8 courses of work...but after that, there will be zero doubt.

    And that just comes from watching the stars and sun. Personal, simple, direct observation of them is enough to prove the earth is round.

    About 20 years ago, when my brain was clearer, I did it. It works. Its simple. There really isn't any room for error or doubt.

    I mean, you can take any assertion whatsoever and try to create a line of argumentation to prove it. But that is just games with rhetoric.

    Doing that you can "prove" that the sun does not rise every day. But it is really a false "proof," just a twist of words.

    Beyond that, the reality is quite direct and easily provable.

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)


    I dont see why the ancients would not develop both knowledge of the outside universe and also the inside universe because curiosity would be there on both sides, but there is humility within the dharma method that we simply cannot answer or know everything about the external creation of the visible observable universe with the mind and senses, but we can reach our full potential and know everything that needs to be known in full via the conscious means. Vedic mathematics may deal with measuring and understanding the outside observable universe, shape and distances between stars and planets, due to not knowing anything about this type of science or vedic mathematics I cant give any comments in depth, but how the measurements of the texts are given in years and miles and pushed externally is fundamentally wrong and is causing all sorts of complications.

    What I am quite sure of is what is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam and other suttas, sutras and texts is about the brahmanda and the the main seven lokas ( abodes of conscious being) which ascend to illuminate Brahman and release from the lower seven lokas which is an internal science accessed through the methods of yoga and cognitive to the individual that can break into the bramanda via conscious means.

    Brahmanda is not the outside observable universe, its subtle and is known only through anugraha and Buddhi in the third state, there will be links or connections to the outside world but what we see and experience with the senses is the final manifestation of phenomenon and not the most subtle causes. How far away is modern science from the discovery of the awakened. They are approximately 1 billion times the size of atom away from this. Modern science studies the atom in physics as observable phenomenon. An atom itself is made up of three tiny kinds of particles called subatomic particles: protons,neutrons, and electrons, this is what modern science studies.

    The atom that the awakened studied was shudastaka and its relation to cognition and how being is developed through this minute particle, the original 8 point atomic beginning of matter, an eternal ever existing particle was measured at being 1 billion times smaller than the atom studied in physics today, this is where I am getting the the figure of 1 billion. I will look for something a bit later, I may have posted it on this forum before. The key difference between the two studies is that consciousness is the centre of the study of the shudastaka and the atom in physics does not or even see the need the include consciousness as it has and is working under its own impersonal laws. Each jiva is an expansion of the singular shudastaka, meaning in dahrmic language each jiva is its own universe, the word universe causes some complications.

    Also there are a few more things to set the scene of how the modern debate between flat and round earth evolved. In Medieval Europe and the dawning of the Renaissance period where there was a major split between scientific enquiry and creation stories through the bible. Both went into extremes and found no relation between the two and they have been at odds since. The modern argument is mainly faith based Christian Dogma trying to be scientific and prove that the bible is correct proving the earth being flat and has inbuilt anti scientific propaganda and vice versa from so called scientific Atheists who are usually coming from frustrated Christian backgrounds which they reject and use modern scientific discoveries to disprove the fake version of the Bibles revelation of creation and cosmology. There have been a few patterns over the years of this debate of Church V Modern educational science which is a big thing especially in America, Theism V Atheism, creationism and the Big Bang, Intelligent design and Evolution and Now Flat and Round shaped earth, its all part of the same debate that has been going on for much longer than most people know, it covers centuries, most probably right at the start when Church based rule and control of society suppressed the natural spirituality of the lands and people they conquered. Luckily we have the dharma discoveries which have been preserved much better to put things at least into the perspective of what creation means and the full inclusion of the most important element which is consciousness which is always at the centre, the heart of all dharma discoveries and texts. Creation in dharma language is the creation of this being, conditioned and the uncreated the divine, universe is our conscious expansion in the lokas which are abodes of conscious being. probably the closest person in the west to attempt to cover this was Jung with his archetypal study of consciousness which only really reached the subconscious which according the dharma texts is still a grosser covering of what really makes up conscious being, Jung himself said that Western studies in consciousness were a couple of thousand years behind the discoveries of the dharma traditions. These things were discovered in Europe before but was mostly destroyed by the spread of Roman based Christianity and were kept in tact in small circles by Gnostics who were and still are being destroyed by externalists.

    Some of these details need to be understood to put into the right context of where this stupid argument came up and to stop spreading that stupidity in the vedas or the other cosmologies in the dharma traditions.

    What I noticed within certain factions of western hare krishna's not just ISKCON but also Western Gaudia Sanyasis who promote flat earth and surprisingly ( hint of sarcasm ) they come from Christian backgrounds and are anti modern science and once someone with a danda says these things then people who struggle to work things out for themselves automatically believe these people without question or rational approach, what to speak of developing their spiritual body, just proves that mechanical spirituality has a very large limitation when it comes to actual realisation.

    i have taken some time to look into the causes of why people are so strongly projecting the discoveries of the awakened and always try to fit that into an empirical view. The way people are taught is always pushing the perception outside, even sadhakas or regular people frustrated with life or having identity crisis are turning to spirituality to gain some understanding of their existence still think that the result of spiritual path of Self realisation is to somehow make this individual life better and more permanently real, they use as a tool to make the outside appearance better, to change and alter the external circumstances, while this is included the essence of dharma and awakening is to realize the subtle, non physical and be detached from doership and not be a controller of nature but a receiver in any circumstance and be established in that which is not subject to change, birth death and disease the Atma, If one has attained to that state the external things still work according to its own nature, one will still get old, be subject to disease and suffering, will still feel heat and cold, will have good days and bad days but will be detached and unconcerned due to the absorption in the conscious Self Atma, this is confirmed in Bhagavad Gita chp 6 V20-23. What the Dharma traditions are concerned and only focused on is the adhikara of the individual, ones own personal weather, its not about changing, controlling or understanding outside weather, we are more or less helpless in that regard, but not to refine and cultivate the inner weather.

    Due to modern educational ways and people conditioned by mundane religion or faith based word religion which is not just limited to abrahamic faiths, there is more emphasis put on outward perception, and this too involves creation and how the outer universe came into being, if someone discovers the big bang as true does his adhikara change, this is the real test. Creation and universe from the dharma traditions and discoveries of the awakened is solely about the creation of the individual consciousness and how it gets bound up and how it becomes released, this is all we really need to know and is the essence and perfection of the human birth.

    If one was to see the earth from outer space one may have a good experience and if they saw a flat or round earth it would only increase the outward knowledge and may have little impact on the adhikara for Self realization, but if one has direct insight into the Brahmanda which illuminates the Self in stages it will completely change that persons life in irreversible ways.

    So before translating the texts its best to get the right context of both what is empirical science and brahma vidya.

    If the context can be found then the one is only left with profound nature of the potential of this human form of life. Sadly materialists that run society, information are not to happy about having liberated beings with the right access to our true Dharma, because these type of awakened people cannot be controlled by materialists and they are not to happy about this and distort everything so everyone is working for the outside only under regulations.

    Dharma texts only deal with the subject of consciousness, modern science and physics mainly deal only with impersonal nature outside observable phenomenon and cannot or struggle to include consciousness.
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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Harih Om

    The Vedanta deals with a theme beyond the finite views of phenomena ( exernal matter). The subject dealt with in that particular philosophy is not confined to any part of the material space, any definite span of time or any substance of this Universe. The activities of a being are measured in time, the playground of a being either linear, superficial or cubical is accommodated in space and the limited subjectivity or fleshly tabernacle entity is confirmed to phenomena. The Vedantic scheme is quite different from such limited structural monuments though some people attempted to bring Vedanta within the prison bars of the senses.

    Srila Bhatisiddhanta Saraswati The Vedanta~It's Morphology and Ontology.

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)


    Om sri guraveh namah

    Dandavats Prabhu

    Pra~ supramental consciousness
    Bhu Ground

    The ground of Ekanatha, One Supreme Absolute Consciousness stands on Pra, where devi and ishwara are united in yoga ~samadhi

    Sa~nada yoga, chandra, bhajan, internal absorption in divine sound vibration

    Ma~ Mataji, Mother, Devi~ Bhakti Shakti~unifying citta to Ishwara

    Dhi~ Supramental Intellect held in dhyana, Dh Held, ya~ appearing Na~cosmic sound vibration. i~surya Narayana, Dhi held, locked, secured in the illumination of i ~surya

    When Chandra~ Moon is united with Dhi~ Surya there is shakti~ cosmic power that carries Parabrahman.

    When sa~ cosmic transcendent sound vibration governed by Chandra is united with Surya~ Dhi, Supra transcendent illumination suryadev produces shakti, these are the 3 powers of Brahman.

    Sat~ Bhakti
    Chit~ Jnana

    When sat and chit unite it produces ananda.

    Universe Brahmanda is not the outside empirical universe, Brahmanda is only known beyond the limited faculty of the jiva, mind and sense consciousness through Buddhi Yoga, it is not describing the outside planetary systems of the empirical universe, although there are certain maps in the design of matter, but again that is not the subject of Bhagavat Dharma, the description of creation or the essence of the puranas, there is no super sensory experience, or the conditioned sense gain more power and have transcendent senses power to that limitation where we see the outside universe as the description of the consciousness being in brahmanda the fertile cosmic egg of Brahman.

    Both theories of flat and round earth is devoid of consciousness.

    Just point blank quoting from the translated Shastra, is just what people from the bible do, its says it here, cant you read, accept or be considered bogus, this has roots in emotional torture and has produced not only bad results in devotee sanghas but in the whole history of religion. Dharma traditions are not based in this, dharma is based on niyamas, I can list some niyamas if needed for cultivation of citta, the different niyama's are for chitta bhavana direct training of the mind citta for purifying conditioned being, making it receptive for illumination of Bhagavan, were supposed to be following dharma traditions not the religions such as Christianity, where we accept whats written and then build up a belief and faith, shraddha is not faith based on what is learns through books, shraddha is confidence in the experiential results of insights into consciousness expanding. For this we need satipatthana and vipassana based on the niyamas within citta bhavana.

    Bhagavat Dharma translations , used to some degree by Srila Prabhupada as a yukta or method due to the way people were conditioned. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur says that all yukta's are time bound, if one cant transcend that, then they are stuck in time place and circumstance teachings and will not evolve to the next the next level.

    Bhagavatam was spoken by Sukadeva Avadhuta, he was Brahmavada, or he spoke Brahmavada, brh means to expand without limit, we learn certain ways, and then it expands to the next level and it is continuous without limitation.

    You quote Bhaktivinode was expert in astrology, surya siddhanta is not astrology, and you can only quote a modern edited comment, which is carefully manipulated by Monotheists, surya siddhanta is joytish, science of light, inner light within the cosmic universe brahmanda, which is seen in the akash the pure space of consciousness, not outside space, the science of brahmavidya where everything is illuminated by Surya. Surya is not the outside Sun, go outside and stare at the sun you will only get blind, translate surya as limited to the outside sun it will produce only blindness, when one see's surya in the citta the mind, one becomes illuminated with Jnana~direct conscious knowledge of the Self, this is the ancient~timeless vada of avadhuta, not bound by time place and circumstance and outside of condition, Siddha only a siddha can understand surya siddhanta in full, and nobody who is doing the translations and editing of Srimad Bhagavatam is a siddha, so they wil be full of faults and will lead to faulty understanding.

    Sid~ perfected Citta~jivamukta
    Dh~ held, absorbed without distraction
    A~ BrahmADev, fully liberated illuminated citta ,Who operates in creation and acts as the transparent medium of Ishwara

    The Bhagavat He is master of his own universal system, where Raja Ram in treta Yuga, buddhi yoga, madhyam adhikara stands in perfectly equipoised in the outer and interior, he is non dual, he is jivamukta, triloka siddha, the Bodhisattva, enlightened Being who works for the benefit of the outer and helps the citta realise the inner and unites them in wholeness advaita. When Ram controls the universe their is direct experience of Krsna Lila. None of this is happening outside Of the physical body.

    Bhagavat is ishvara, divine Being using JIva mind and 5 pandavas, this is jivamukta

    There are two types of suka, one is the parrot stuck in the cage, limited to how it moves, he just repeats what he told and lives on scraps, he never learns to fly, to be free, he sings songs taught to him from an external master who keeps him locked in a cage for his own entertainment.

    The other suka is the one who is free, he eats the fruits and tastes the sweetness and nectar of the ripened fruit, he is free, he is not in cage. Dev menas light and comes from the root div which means transcendent, dev is that light which is transcendent to the cage and limitation and illuminates all beings.

    When the fox comes along he see's, oh, there is so much nice fruit that this illuminated sukadev is eating with is free will, who the fox observes jumps from branch to branch and by his sharp awakened eye he only goes to those fruits that are the sweetest, the most ripe, i also want to taste them.

    The fox he jumps and jumps and he jumps but he cannot reach them by his own power, his nature has not developed, so he walks off and considered them as sour, because that is the quality of his nature. And that is the quality of these envious people who are mistraining and directing devotees and creating all these isms schisms and controversies.

    The fox is caught up only in the 5 based media and is feeding happily on his scrap diet~ klesha, he doesnt have capacity to taste the sweet nectar that sukadeva is happily enjoying as avadhuta.

    Srimad Bhagavatm has 250,000 hidden granthas that reveal devic realms, these realms are potentials within our own evolution of citta, experienced through the mature citta, to just quote a ancient very mystical and deep language and make it literal in a mundane language is problematic in the long run, as we have seen in church based religions that promote sectarian divisions, not only in mundane anthropomorphic man made religions such as Christianity, but many other institutes controlled by the Kleshas through 5 sense based media, created to control people and propagate belief to make them ready for war. not just physical war, but spiritual war too, to hate other traditions, cause divisions and separation and cover the real dharma. All teachings within institutions will have their own method and practice that is unique to another, maybe some need it for some time, but if its stuck only in the limited empirical it becomes a dogma, when dogmas are taken as fact Bhagavat Dharma is concealed and will remain a mystery.

    There is so much I would like to say, its quite simple but because there is so much misinformation, and bad training in sadhana that it takes to many words to get to a single point. 1st chapter of Bhagavad Gita is about cosmology, most do not understand 1st sloka and it seems practically npbody who is typing knows what is dharma cosmology, krsna first advice for arjuna ~ wakening citta, instructs him introspectively in samkhya. Samkhya precedes 5th Canto.

    Unfortunately Samkhya is seen as a very basic teachings as everyone has understood they are not the body in the fust few weeks or by going to a Sunday feast lecture, and most of the original samkhya is badly translated, lost or destroyed, and there whereabouts are probable stored in secret libraries, but remain in vak, [erhaps they are being practice by asuras, but if samkhya is practiced by asuras the equanimity that they get can only reach stoic narcissism../ who turned out to sociopath Monotheists.

    Samkhya is the basic sadhana, we should consider ourselves as a basic practitioner which yield gradual results, but what results that they yield are always in accord with vedanta and shad dharshana, the awareness of how we evolve in Self in 6 evolutionary stages of Svadhyaya, self aware study of our cosmos, its one of the niyamas and in line with the samadhi traditions, samadhi traditions only deal with citta bhavana for higher adhikara.

    Original texts and the various gurus from each lineage say truth is one, they only differ by their yuktas, but all yuktas like different types of rice fill the hunger when eaten.

    There is noting really intellectual in terms of studying them empirically only which leads to dogma and has traits of fanaticism, if one has some simple training, this can be avoided and overcome and the expansion can happen, any form of external learning can be used as a basic way to approach the supra states, but all yuktas are time-bound, they have to be left go at some point, or they becomes poison. most are giving basic translations of Sanskrit an using the translated definitions as literal facts and forcing a belief system. If that system is used then it creates controversy, as often what is said contradicts another part of what was said elsewhere, some are highly aware of this and use it to confuse and cause division, and that whats going on "with it says it here and he said this".

    Its a mistake in how texts and words are written and spoken by the enlightened.

    What you sent me was translation in Mundane English as a religious fact and use that as an authority using the Sanskrit, thankfully there was no Prabhupada the pure devotee said it to go along with it, thats when things get out of order and its more of using pure devotees as a weapon to justify a limited understanding, but there is no understanding of the Sanskrit as per related to sandhi, as most are trained to back up Sanskrit understanding by translations, rather than translate Sanskrit into consciousness, Sanskrit is dev nagari, language of light or illumination, when Sanskrit is fully understood it illuminate the citta, not literal ordinary intellectual understanding.

    The higher level of citta and language which is where Sanskrit has its origins in sandhi, of course the linguistics and translators again try to bring it into a mundane sphere of ordinary translation and worldly linguistics, but sandhi is the realm of devi, its a supra cosmic language where Brahman is revealed through devi, its outside of the ordinary mind and sense experience in realm of buddhi, buddhi is the supra intellect where the citta through devi and her 9 aspects unite the chitta with the Ishwara. This is how sanskrit is really translated, sandhi is nada, supra cosmic sound vibration i the brahmanda. The universe of Vedanta ( I used Vedanta to cover all dharma traditions and Bhagavatam ) ishwara is not an outside God creating the Universe that Physics study. Ishwara givern the gunas, conscious modes in the citta, he controls the interweather and states of consciousness in prajna, not the outside weather, whch krsna tells arjuna to becomes indifferent too.

    There is so much corruption in our human history, it corrupts science, spirituality, education and material way of life, but it cant corrupt the hidden reality of brahma vidya, the way in which Krsna is realised beyond all of this through veda.

    Two forms of Veda, one is the written texts, which are translated from sandhi by careful prose amd meter of Self realized siddhas, and the other is Veda which is experienced in nada and joyti yoga within the citta, both are apaurusheya, beyond man made constructs, both within translation, commentaries and explanation on the outside and also beyond mind manas.

    Sandhi is the universal language of Brahmanda, where devi absorbed in Brahman sings in devotion to glorify that Great Being and purifying all conditions in the citta. When we learn sanskrit or chant and recite sanskrit instead of making it empirical like in modern education and ordinary language limitations, we reflect the meaning in the citta into states of prajna, through the niyamas and sadhanas, this is wisdom, this is the deep sleep sushupti of the yogi, only ones who practice yoga with sincerity will understand sandhi and sanskrit.

    Really we should be calling sanskrit samskriti, because its only known in sam, developed equanimity states, or results of equanimity which illuminate the citta like lightning bolts and sound waves of pure emotion emanating from Parabrahman.

    There is more to say, but unless the citta is feeding on prasade, given by mata Annapurna this will not be accepted by the literal, it cant be found in books, it cant be imitated, it can never be destroyed and is invisible, within the akash the subtle nada and transcendent to beyond the five sense based conditioned media.

    In Seva

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Quote Originally Posted by Indialover View Post
    Namaste markandeya 108 dasa

    Access to the scriptures and their interpretation are different for each individual. Equally diverse is the assignment of divine beings to the chakras.

    From somewhere the vision of a flat earth has to come, being obviously deeply rooted in humanity since the turtle is found in countless creation myths.

    The mentioned text from Agni Purana was so fascinating for me because is says, that the earth changes to ‚flat as a turtle‘ (not to ‚flat as a disc‘) during or after pralaya. Later, at time of a new creation it seems earth changes to a globe.

    This I brought in connection with the old vision of a flat earth, so many ancient folks had.

    We have two eyes, a physical and a mystical. With our physical eye we see the globe. With our mystical we ‚see‘ the flat earth. This mystical eye was highly developed in ancient times.

    Let me give another example. The Ganga is said to be dirty. This is true, when we look at Her with our physical eye. With the mystical eye She is not only clean, She is divine because She arose from water that touched the fifth avatar's foot. Thus Hindus take a bath in this dirty water and drinkt it to become clean inside.

    These are only my thoughts, my view … I cannot provide a sanskrit sloka and science will not accept it. So what ...

    If Shruti contradicts pratyaksha(direct experience) then shruti has no value according to Sri Madhva and Shankaracharya. Many advaitins interpret the statement metaphysically. So unscientific statements should not be taken as facts even in adwaita school. it is dangerous to take everything literally in shastras.

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    Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    Hari Om

    The atom which rishis mastered or rather could perceive was anu, which can expand in two directions depending on what it associates with. Samsara is a double sided world, one is bound in endless cycles of birth and death and other sam sa ra is the free will of the rishis in Brahmanda and beyond. Brahmanda is the midway point between being bound by the senses and liberated into parabrahman.

    Suddhāshtaka, anu the original atom which is given the measurement of 1 billion times more subtle than the atom discovered by modern science and is the origin of the jiva. iti also denotes universal conscious energy in the context of the rishis perceiving inwardly,, means thought based universe or mind created universe through citti vrittis.

    Rishis thoughts are Brahmakara vritti, they only think and express Brahman and never mundane matter. Cosmology of the rishis is not an outward projection of the external universe, and will never align fully with empirical science which is impersonal. Rishis only speak in para vani, and to understand what they say requires mediums of shakti, rudra amsa and avatars which are all combined into sri guru.

    Suddhāshtaka is the original pure eight sided atomic matter, is perceived within the subtle citta, as opposed to perceived without in empirical sciences discovery of the atom which is seen as gross, external phenomenon is a mass of external atoms, but jiva is an expansion of one singular atom Suddhāshtaka.
    This perfectly describes the multiple universe theory of the puranas as coming from the pores of MahaVishnu. One jiva is one universal system, externally evolving or developing in cycles or yugas, yugas are not linear, they are particular to the state avastha of each individual atom Suddhāshtaka.

    Brahmanda is within the state/avastha of prajna, where Suddhāshtaka expands into the akasha spacial sound waves nada and receives joyti, illuminations for Self Realization and transcends even this through brahmarandra, into infinite unbounded realms niraka brahman, nirguna brahma.

    Brahmanda is described in graphic images for basic understanding like an egg, it means that egg is the fertile form of incubating jnana and bhakti and vijnana vidyas, specialised knowledge of the rishis, maturing into Brahman, jnana is perfected by bhakti shakti, bhakti is perfected by janan and vijnana Sri Vidya is the perfection in the brahmanda devoted to ishavara, haldini yoga maya shakti, breaks into the Brahmanda through the brahmarandra, the inner universe brahmanda is the fertile prajna which grows into Brahman, Brahman is Vedanta~turiya, through development of samkhya yoga attracting blessing of prasade.

    Seated within the centre of Suddhāshtaka is Paramatma, measured as thumb length between seat of consciousness citta situated at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows above the five senses, all 6 senses are in the head citta~mind heart centre, sight eyes, hearing ears, smell nose, taste and touch also is in the mouth. Yogic discipline does not drop below the head.

    Yogis focus the attention above the senses, between the eyebrows, training the citta in bhavana yuktas to awakened paramatma~antariyami. yuktas are direct unifying shaktis emanating from paramatma and taught by Acharyas, Mahasiddhas and Mahayogis.

    This in short and imperfectly wrote due to limitation and complication in language was the science~ vijnana, insight knowledge into jnana~knowledge of Brahman of the rishis.

    Modern science can keep looking and searching out there for as long as they want and will find nothing of any real value.

    Jagat or world/loka system in Vedanta is not the outside planetary systems, loka's are conscious realms, not outside physical planets , its tri loka jnana vidya.

    jagrat, sense consciousness based around 5 sense media, svapna citta mind consciousness, sushupti yogic sleep devoid of outward mind and sense consciousness prajna.

    Rishis gave little to no developed modern scientific inquiry into the outer universe.

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