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Thread: Understanding Bramhan Through Gratitude: ChatuhShloki BhAgvat ?

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    Understanding Bramhan Through Gratitude: ChatuhShloki BhAgvat ?


    Can understanding Bramhan be made simple through the lens of gratitude and credits?

    The whole concept of namah: = idam na mama- this offering made in yajn~a (sacrifice) is not mine, is to give thanks, gratitude and credit to the Very Source of Everything.

    This Ultimate Source of all intelligence, Love, power, strength, wisdom, abilities, morals, Duty, Goodness, luck, phenomena and all potential is a Universal Pool , Infinite Database of Potential, Grace and Ever-flowing Nectar, which the Rshis (ancient Indian Seers) called Bramhan, ParamAtmA, Parameshwar over and above what was revealed to them via the Veda.

    So Bramhan is really the transcendental (to material nature) , the Infinite Potential of Being, Goodness and all qualities listed above.

    While people may struggle with the concept of Bramhan and try to dicipher the upanishads,
    a simple bhAvanA (sentiment, deep feeling) of krutadnyatA (gratitude) as well as samarpaN -- resignation of doership and ownership (nothing new to Hindu Dharma) - is like achieving multiple targets in one stone/arrow to

    (i) understand what Bramhan is
    (ii) transcend material identity
    (iii) express gratitude towards Bramhan as our Source of Everything
    (iv) transcend the ego , doership and ownership!
    (v) hence BE immersed in and become Bramhan!

    Shriman NArAyaNa (VishNu), or the Infinite Eternal Source of Everything, explained the ChatuhShloki BhAgvat to Lord BramhA (Bramha-Dev, the Engineer-builder of the Universe).

    Chatuh = four. Shlok = verse (holy, spiritual).
    Chatuh-ShlokI BhAgvat is the 4 verses that NArAyaN spoke to BramhA as the most beautifully condensed summary (sAra) of the entire 12 Cantos of BhAgvat MahApurAN , nay, of the Secret of the Absolute Truth and all that remains to know.

    Very cleverly, NArAyaNa explained to BramhA how Bramhan is immanent and transcendent in the manifest. Through the two keywords anvaya and vyatireka He protected BramhA from the danger of developing ego and egotism that "I, PrajApati BramhA, created this Universe"

    anvaya indirectly , this is all Bramhan (pot)

    vyatireka directly, this is all Bramhan (clay)

    NArAyaNa showed BramhA that the way to instant peace is to realize that "nothing is mine, not creativity, not intelligence, nothing. It is all given to me by the Supreme, i.e. NArAyaNa, Bramhan." So what can Bramhan be? Loop back to list above.

    Our experiences of Bramhan can only grow exponentially, with each gesture, event, and understanding that Bramhan gives us, and there is no turning back.

    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||
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    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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