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Thread: Where can I find a Veda Pundit to learn Rudram from?

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    Where can I find a Veda Pundit to learn Rudram from?

    I am very much excited to learn Rudram. I have seen videos that it can cleanse the atmosphere and also the person chanting it. I want to learn it correctly and want to spread the boon by teaching people how to chant and benefit and tell them again to help people they find. I want to do this for free out of compassion for our mother earth. Please, tell me how can I find such a guru who can teach me. I am going to get a month out after my 3 rd semester. I want to go and approach my guru. I live in Assam but I can go anywhere within India. I need someone who can teach me correct pronunciation and pitch and notes etc. This is because I will also share this knowledge with others and I dont want to share something which is incorrect or partially correct.

    If it is not possible to learn that in a month, then I can get a start in a month and I will keep visiting my guru again and again until I can learn it totally.
    Swami Vivekananda says= Every journey begins with first two steps.

    Please someone guide me.

    I am a bhakt of Mahadev and Hari and all because I find all of them to be the same. Mahadev really wants me to learn this mantra. Please help me out finding such a guru.

    Om Namah Shivaya!

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    Re: Where can I find a Veda Pundit to learn Rudram from?

    Namaste ujjal05

    I learned Sri Rudram with Satya Sai Baba’s help.

    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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