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    Gotra for Converts


    I have been a practicing Hindu for 3 or 4 years. Within the last year I started sponsoring puja on a regular basis (honestly not super often since I don’t have a lot of money). When I sponsor I am asked to fill out a form with my name, sun sign and gotra. The issue here I don’t have a gotra. I just leave that spot blank. Is there a gotra appropriate for someone in my situation? Is leaving it blank for the pandit to make discussions the correct choice?

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    Re: Gotra for Converts

    There is no gotra for converts or adoptees as far as I know. Gotra is basically a lineage of family. I should think that a convert would adopt his or her guru's gotra. In the case where there is no guru, I would suggest using the name of your Ishta devata or devi as the gotra, e.g. if you pray to Vishnu then use Vishnu as your gotra, if to Shiva then use shiv and if Shakti then use Shakti as the gotra.

    That's just my opinion. I don't know what the official instruction on this and even if there is anything official for adoptees.

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    Re: Gotra for Converts

    As per what Satay suggested in my sampradaya we use the Guru's name as gotra.

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    Re: Gotra for Converts

    There is no gotra for converters. So use your Istadeiva name as gotra.

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