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Thread: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

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    ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

    Jai Shri KRshNa ~

    Dedicated to the UttamShloka (One venerated with most beautiful poetry, i.e. KRshNa / VishNu / NArAyan)

    KRshNAshTak with lyrics
    dine dine navam navam namAmi nanda sambhavam (Salute the Son of Nanda Who is ever-new day by day)
    Everyday is JanmAshTami?

    KRshNAshTak with lyrics and meaning

    GovindAshTak - very well sung with lyrics, meaning and dhun in the end

    GovindAshTak by M.S. Subbalakshmi

    MadhurAshTak tune 01

    MadhurAshTak tune 02

    MadhurAshTak tune 03 with lyrics

    MadhurAshTak tune 04

    MadhurAshTak tune 05

    || om namo bhagavate vAsudevAya ||
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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special


    Beautiful, thanks!


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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special


    Radhe Govinda by 2 of the little NavaDurgA s (SindhujA and MRuNAlini) - students of Kuladeep Pai (a group of kids with gifted voices and excellent training)
    (REF: mahishAsur-mardini-stotra by the little NavaDurgA (9 girls) in another section here a few days ago)

    NandakumArA navaneeta chorA RAdhe-GovindA
    anAtha-nAthA dIna bandho RAdhe-GovindA [hari hari hari]
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

    Excellent. Thank you

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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

    Jai Shri KRshNa

    A 15 day countdown to JanmAshTami begins.

    BAAla MukundAskTaka (Lyrics and translation are in the comment by poster.)

    The first verse is my favourite:

    karAravinde padAravindam |
    mukhAravinde viniveshayantam |
    vaTasya patrasya puTe shayAnam |
    bAlam Mukundam manasA smarAmI || 1 ||

    I meditate on Baby Mukunda lying on a Banyan leaf, Who catches His Lotus Foot with His little Lotus Hand and puts it in His Lotus Mouth / brings it close to His Lotus Face. (This is how Rshi MArkanDeya saw the Lord as the only entity after the demo-mAyA-deluge shown by NArAyaNa on this chiranjivi Rshi's request to witness MAyA.)
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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

    4 Day countdown to JanmAshTami

    Antarnaad 2010 - by Art of Living, Pune, India
    - This was a divine phenomenon of thousands joining bhajan via Indian classical music, Feb 2010. Naad = sound, musical note. antarnaad = inner music of the soul.

    ~ MAdhavA MadhusUdanA YAdavA YadunandanA ~
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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special


    That is a very beautiful, soothing bhajan. Thanks.


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    Re: ~*~JanmAshTami ~*~ GokuLAshTami ~*~ Nandotsav ~*~ Special

    A Very Blissful KRshNa JanmAshTami and/or GokuLAshTami to all, wherever applicable around the world.

    Here is a beautiful lullaby to Bal KRshNa (Baby KRshNa), composed by Purandar Das
    In this video, the priests at Udupi KRshNa Mutth (Udupi Karnataka) , are singing Udupi KAnhA to sleep (Udupi KrshNa is the larger one , black, standing in the last verse @ 3:19). The language is Kannad, so I am just putting here the first sanskrit verse.

    Jo Jo Yashodeya Nanda Mukundani
    Jo Jo KauMsa-KoThAri
    Jo Jo munigaNa-hRdayAnandani
    Jo Jo rakhumeya-ramaNA ~
    Jo Jo ~
    Jo Jo ~
    Jo Jo ~
    <lights out>

    Go to sleep, O son of Yadhoda, and One who gives utmost pleasure and bliss to Yashoda, O Mukunda, One who gives freedom from birth-death , mukti (mukun + da)
    Go to sleep, O One who killed KaMsa and put an end to his atrocities, thereby freeing people (Mukunda)
    Go to sleep, O Dear One who fills the hearts of munis (sages, seers, wise, yogis) with utmost joy [muni-gaNa hRday-Anandani]
    Go to sleep, O Beloved of RukmiNi, Your Principal Queen.
    Jo Jo ~

    More lulluby songs for KRshNa :
    Look, I have decorated Your cradle with fragrant Mogra flowers, that should put you to sleep. Look, the cows are fast asleep in their shed, there is no cow-call and no response from calf - this proves it is way past Your bedtime. Look, it is so silent, that we can hear the stream flowing, and the wind blowing. Look, the 'rAtarANi' flowers have bloomed. This is all the more proof that it is late at night way past Your bedtime, because this flower blooms only at night...

    *To know why I think this lullaby (in the video) is apt for Udupi KRshNa, one has to know the story behind this vigraha (Deity form). When Devaki expressed to KRshNa in Dwarka one day, that she regrets missing His childhood leelA, KRshNa said "Don't worry Mother, you will see My leelA" and He turned into a little boy , started pulling the 'Ravi' and ropes used to churn butter, and doing all the leelA He did with Yashoda in GokuL. RukmiNi saw this (hidden from view / accidentally) and She was so mesmerized and enchanted, She asked Vishwakarma to create a mUrti of Little KRshNa holding the ropes and stick (ravi) used to churn butter. This became Her archa-vigraha - Her Deity. She worshipped this form with flowers etc. especially when KrshNa was away.

    When Dwarka was about to get submerged under water, following KRshNa's instructions Arjun collected Dwarka denizens , preparing to take them away to safety. In the process, Arjun came across this vigraha and he buried it in Rukmini's backyard.

    Years later in Kali Yuga, a sailor found this huge log of mud (did not know what was inside). He took it on the boat, and MadhvAchArya in KarnaTaka got a 'sanket' , a sign from the Lord which MadhAchArya could not explain. He went to the Udupi shore quickly, to find the sailor trying to move the heavy log of mud. Instinctively Madhva knew this is His ArAdhya Lord KRshNa, and he asked the sailor to give it to him.

    This vigraha (Udupi KRshNa) was then installed in what we now know to be the Udupi Mutth, the main among 8 Mutths of the Madhva dvaita paramparA. That is the One we know now as UDupi KRshNa.

    This is why I think that verse is apt -- describing KRshNa's childhood connection to YashodA , connection to Yogi-Muni of His time as well, and as RukmiNi-RamaN. The lulluby is for KRshNa in general but I do not think it is any coincidence that it is being sung here to Udupi KAnhA and I suspect the poet Purandar Das belongs to Madhva Parampara.
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