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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hi, I'm Kameron and I've just joined the forum after lurking in the background and learning a lot about Hinduism.

    I'm still looking for my specific path but already I have been practicing some devotional mantras and it's changed my life a LOT. I have become vegetarian, changed career path (from sales to social care) and generally become a lot calmer. As someone who is a big believer in experience over dogma this is incredible for me and makes me want to commit more fully.

    Trouble is.. I'm a bit dense at times and often confuse myself trying to read too much at once

    I'll do my best on the forums but please know that if I say anything daft (likely) or offend you in some way (hopefully unlikely) I really didn't mean to - so feel free to correct me as I'm always wanting to improve, develop and grow.

    Thanks for reading this.

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    Re: Hello everyone

    Namaste and welcome to the forum Kameron.

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