नमः शिवाय!
This is my 1st post in this forum! Happy for being here!

In my horoscope, I've 6-8 relationship for Moon-Jupiter which is known as Sakata. But if we actually see the Ashtakavarga for Moon w.r.t. the placement of Jupiter Moon gets one bindhu being 8th from Jupiter, Same for Jupiter for being in 6th from Moon! As I'm clearly aware of the fact that 6-8 relationship is inharmonious w.r.t. those significations. In my view Moon (our thoughts) should be either aspected by Jupiter or be in Kendra from Jupiter (who is the kaaraka for wisdom) is Okay, But when we observe from the Ashtakavarga point of view both Jupiter & Moon are getting a Bindhu for being in those positions. Before that itself I had a doubt that what exactly this Bindhu signify?
Could learned members educate us with this concept!