Namaste ~ Dear people,

once I was in the Anjumoorthy Koil (Five Murti)Temple in Kerala approx 5 km in the south of Pattambi.

It is said the five Pandavas have been residing there. Truly there is a wonderful peaceful energy of silence and more…
The Temple Master (sorry, forgot the right term) spoke to me. Then as I wanted to circumambulate the temple he told me:
no chain crossing “ he moved his hands with circular motion suggestive only one direction (till the chain) and backwards, and again so. The chain is installed from the inner Shrine to the next pillar from which is a barrier to the outer wall, opposite is another small Shrine.

That was for the Shiva Temple of this temple complex.
I said: 'never heard this before'; he said “Only in Kerala”.

Why the chain and this rule? Why only in Kerala?

Thanks for your time ~ Hari Aum ~