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Thread: Eyesight different after 550000 chants of aum namah shivaya in 43 days

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    Eyesight different after 550000 chants of aum namah shivaya in 43 days


    Actually it was 5500 x 108 chants
    I aimed to complete it in 40 days but went over
    Each chant was about 2 seconds each
    This was at the begining of this year

    After completion and even up to now i feel as if my eyesight is different.
    Colours look different. Richer.
    When i look at streetlights at night they look more golden
    Even the sunlight in the morning looks more golden.

    Anyone know whats going on?

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    Re: Eyesight different after 550000 chants of aum namah shivaya in 43 days

    Namaste Amith,

    Thats quite some dedicated sadhana and practice, kudos and a nice phala or fruit. The brain carries natural dmt, serotonin, meltotonin and other natural chemicals that effect its function for maximum health and potential. While the Brain is not the root of consciousness it is a very important organ, a vital organ and transmitter. Many of the sadhanas and practices of mantra and pranayama are related to brain and neuro systems and unblocking and releasing potentials, the hath yoga system was based on this also.

    According to science all external matter is black/white/grey, you may have to double check, and our brain interprets and photoshops, colours in our perceptions, outside observations of matter, so by that sadhana it seems that you increased and released natural chemicals that improved the brain function or bringing it to its potential which will be aware also of that which is not physical. In the vedic language this would be some form of soma.

    One point, while its good to understand, the mystery of that greater awareness should not be lost, if it is explained to much we can lose it to some degree, I walk through the country often, some days are just days of wonder, no need for thought or interpretation. .

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    Re: Eyesight different after 550000 chants of aum namah shivaya in 43 days

    Wow! Kudos to your sadhana! Did you know, one Smt. Jahnavi Harrison says something similar in one of her videos - "That mantra recitation/music is used as therapy in mental health institutions and so far seems to have some really encouraging feedback! ~~ The idea is to provide a 'newer and healthier groove for the thought pattern to focus on and to erase gradually what one has acquired for in many of the mentally troubled, it is their thought that needs to be changed'. "

    Like MD ji suggests, mantra meditation has so much to do with the brain and all of its functionalities! Amazing! Enjoy!
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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