Sri Ganapati Sachidananda Swami is great. When he was a child, his grandfather was a freedom fighter. He would make runs to take rice to villagers. Swami always wanted to go with him, and once he was allowed to do so. When the soldiers stopped the cart along the way, they poked through the sacks of rice in which Swami was hiding, and barely missed him. Even during this, he did not let out a cry, and when they arrived, very happily His grandfather found he was alright.

When he was a child, He was not allowed to speak English, and His grandmother would not allow anyone to do so. She would even punish them if they did so! Pahi Pahi Gajanana is a song He sang many times.

He teaches many things, and sometimes He teaches different things. He tells that the true atheist is one who differentiates between Vishnu and Shiva.

He tells that we should chant the names of God, and this purifies ourselves. It helps to create fresh breath.

In all His teachings one can see that it's highest consciousness. True bliss and wisdom.

Swami says that Kannada is a good language to learn. Also it is very good to learn languages, and we learn so much from them.

Very many bhajans that Swami sings are so beautiful. Pahi Pahi Gajanana is wonderful, as are the ones Gana Ganamunaku Patiyena, and bhajans of Shiva and others.

Trishatinama Stutimudite is a beautiful bhajan of Sri Lalita. This one is so beautiful to sing, and Swami leads beautifully. Also one he wrote in earlier times was Alandu Alandu Va Va.

Many of these are available. Swami says that if one takes one step towards him, He takes one thousand towards the person, but if one takes one step away, then Swami takes a hundred steps away. So He is close and close if we go towards Him, but further and further if we go away from Him.

Swami recommends the Gita, and the Bhagavatam, and the others. Guru Gita is a secret text, and in fact very secret. It's spoken by Shiva to Parvati, and contains the greatest secrets of yoga.

Swami says that one should not change gurus. However he also says that you are your own guru.

In fact in Bhagavatam, story of Dattatreya is that He had 24 gurus. Earth, and all others.

But, though Swami said once, you are your guru, the most of the time, guru is recommended. One should never touch the guru's feet without asking. It makes sense. One should not do this certainly. Also the same goes for hugging.

Animals are calm and happy with Swami.