I have lost a lot of weight, from an obese person, I am now much leaner and looking ahead to svelte times... (yeah, finally, at age 47!).

I have done quite some research in the meantime looking for delicious Indian recipes that might also help with weight loss. What do I mean by these terms? Well, a recipe suited for weight loss has the following qualities :

1. Leaves with a feeling of fullness without a lot of calories and helps you feeling full for a long time. Fiber and protein rich foods do these.

2. Has a load of good nutrients so you do not have to worry about eating a lot of this and that for nutrients!

I have found that Oats, flax seed, Horsegram and such really do help with weight loss, from the above perspective!

1. Oats Cheela: Traditionally prepared just with oats, an interesting variant I found/learnt was to use 50% of 'Kala Channa' (darker version chick peas), to soak oats and Kala channa seperately for a few hours, grind together, add onions and such, and make dosa. Eaten hot.

2. Oats Kichdi: Prepared with Oats and a lot of veggies along with 'Moong Dal', is both nutritious, and leaves on with feeling full without much oil or calories.

3. Horsegram Idli: Soak 3 cups of Idli rice, 1 cup of Horsegram and 1 cup of Urad dhal, each seperately for 4 hrs. Grind the horse gram to a fine paste, the rice to a somewhat coarse consistency and urad dhal to a fine paste. Add all, let ferment overnight, add salt and make idlis!

I am currently researching more into weight loss recipes like this and will add to this thread as I learn more!