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Thread: A thought on religion and dharma

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    Re: A thought on religion and dharma

    Namaste Soul Of Light Ji,

    I heard HH Dalai Lama say once that the analytic method brings us to the point that all this becomes possible. Quite a long way to reach true wisdom, but wisdom madhyam the middle beyond extremes is all inclusive that it can apply to any level, in the conditioned state its mostly about how to try and find balance and some form of happiness and meaning, and for this in so many ways the texts traditions are abundant how to attain this as one of the goals of human life, and then at more refined levels that same balance is applied almost all the way to final perfection to realise brahman proper, there is such a wealth of profound mid term, intermediate teachings that guide the evolution of the devotees/yogis consciousness to perfection . I am not sure if I am diverting from the original OP, I hope not.

    From texts in the Buddhist Pali traditions the heart or essence of the sutta expounding the dharma is known as majjhima nikaya suttas, majjhima is middle sutta thread nikaya body-less or another way to say transcendent, arupa state, prajna, meaning something along the lines intermediate thread to the transcendent. The actual content of the suttas is how Tathagata Brahman is both in the world, awake and unaffected but also transcendent. Krsna also in 2nd Chapter guides arjuna in developing equanimity for Self awareness, so its more or less across the board how important or key the middle way in whatever way the teaching is given as the boat from temporary worldly consciousness to the natural state.

    The need for wisdom and balance, moderation is such a essential thing. I often think to myself that this human life is a often a wasted opportunity considering the amount of potentials we have, individually or collectively things could be very different, no harm in being an idealist sometimes, even if we accept that life is temporary and not perfect and one doesn't need to be exploitative or hedonistic to enjoy and be happy. Liberation is free will at its finest, but with that there is the quality of consciousness to always help evolve society, the outlook that the sage is independent or renounced from concerns of society looks to me unfounded.
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    Re: A thought on religion and dharma

    Om namo hanumate namaha

    Such a nice post Markandeya. I am hoping to reach the time when I can post freely.

    Today I did a long anaylsis of several topics. Concluding that playfulness is one of the highest attributes. It's my experience, and one of the most wonderful ones; that everything responds to playfulness. And - communication is deep and extended in playfulness. To give an example -- a dog will respond to playfulness in the same manner. I.e., with friendship and communicating well. This is the opposite of the "glum face," or over-seriousness.

    Vivekananda used the word cheerful... When you become truly religious, he said, you will find you are becoming Cheerful. In any case -- it's long established that calmness is essential in the world; animals respond to calmness, all of things do.... What's more interesting is how much the world responds to cheerfulness or playfulness. And, as mentioned, one can see this with animals very much.

    (It might take a bit of courage and bravado to try this with a dangerous animal and I don't recommend it; but as we are on the topic of Buddhism slightly -- there is the story of Zen. . .

    Two zen monks were being considered for abbot of a new temple; they were both learned and kind, and "proficient of the way." Each of these had qualifications, but which to choose? The old master considered first one - who had very much grace with walking. . . Walking slowly, like an elephant. He became the fore-runner in the choice.

    Upon watching, from a hill-top, they saw the second monk go into a hut. Then, to their surprise and somewhat dismay, a tiger came along and went in behind him! After some time - the tiger and the monk came out together.

    The story is not given to show which one got chosen; but simply to show there are different ways of expressing the Way.)

    And that's my last Buddhist story for a while -- In any case, my last point is that kindness, cheerfulness are unlimited states of being. Those are called "Brahma Viharas" in Buddhism which can be translated as "Unlimited states."

    If we examine them we can see it's very true. They presented unlimited state of being, as opposed to a limited one -- more options and freedom.... More life, more possibilities... the boundless.

    Playfulness is like this to me.... And friendship and kindness and love; those are the unlimited states, the unlimited realm.

    In terms of Brahma Viharas, those four are: Kindness, love, peace and sympathy.

    Sarva Mangalam!

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    Re: A thought on religion and dharma

    Gam Gam Ganapati

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