It has been quite a while visiting my favourite site again. Struggling to get time out of the preparation and execution of mammoth Pujas (Durga puja to Kali Puja), rehearsals for the culturals, office responsibilities and extremely strenuous commutations of 100 kms every day in Chennai take a huge toll on my mind and body.

Still the mind goes on working on the various aspects of our being here and the absolute connected network of the entire ecosystem. This pyramid of our ecosystem has the defined 14 lokas. At the top we have the Brahma or Satya loka and at the bottom we have Patala loka.

These lokas are the ones where, depending on the karmaphala (or the residual state of our mind), our mind seeks the corresponding body and environment for the next birth.

There is a huge churning going on in the lower part of the pyramid - the 7 lower lokas (highest of which is the Bhu-loka - where humans are there). Few filter out to the higher 7 lokas.

However the ecosystem also has the 5 elements - space, air, fire, earth and water.

Now my question is "Whether the above 14 lokas also include the inanimate or lifeless part of the ecosystem ? "

I feel yes. Example of Narasimha and Ahalya prove this point. However i would like to have your views. If yes, then this segment belongs to which loka ?

Love and best wishes