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Thread: The Life and Creation Ecosystem - Question 1

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    The Life and Creation Ecosystem - Question 1



    It has been quite a while visiting my favourite site again. Struggling to get time out of the preparation and execution of mammoth Pujas (Durga puja to Kali Puja), rehearsals for the culturals, office responsibilities and extremely strenuous commutations of 100 kms every day in Chennai take a huge toll on my mind and body.

    Still the mind goes on working on the various aspects of our being here and the absolute connected network of the entire ecosystem. This pyramid of our ecosystem has the defined 14 lokas. At the top we have the Brahma or Satya loka and at the bottom we have Patala loka.

    These lokas are the ones where, depending on the karmaphala (or the residual state of our mind), our mind seeks the corresponding body and environment for the next birth.

    There is a huge churning going on in the lower part of the pyramid - the 7 lower lokas (highest of which is the Bhu-loka - where humans are there). Few filter out to the higher 7 lokas.

    However the ecosystem also has the 5 elements - space, air, fire, earth and water.

    Now my question is "Whether the above 14 lokas also include the inanimate or lifeless part of the ecosystem ? "

    I feel yes. Example of Narasimha and Ahalya prove this point. However i would like to have your views. If yes, then this segment belongs to which loka ?

    Love and best wishes
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: The Life and Creation Ecosystem - Question 1

    Namaste Kallol Ji,

    Thats quite some commute. I did most of my reading and study when on travel journeys, it can be part of sadhana, observation and reflection of life and also a bit of space, but it can be very tiring.

    I am not sure if this answers the whole of your question. This is partly how I understand cosmology and will attempt to reply on a couple of things but may not address the whole question.

    Cosmology structure of the universe is not outside the individual human experience, lokas are states of mind, states of being, mind born experiences, states that any one human being can experience through the duration of ones life, one individual jiva can experience all of the 14 lokas in one lifetime, there is no need for actual gross body physical death although there is always continuum, birth and death is happening within body and mind at every moment. Each loka will have its own complex structure or compound or collective sphere based on karmaphal, lower 7 states are below the balance of the human level, human level in Bhu is when Bhumi seeks release and looks for the cause, man ~mind becomes human when he enquires into the existence of his own being, when Bhumi seeks brahmA to understand creation as one example and goes more subtle and goes within. 7 lower lokas are combination of mind and sense consciousness ( consider as unconsciousness in comparison)

    Thats is the briefest I can try explain cosmology of the lokas as states of being that can all exist within a live living human being on this planet.

    Often lokas are spoken of planets, or dimensions that exists in another area separate from this planet earth outside of this current space and time location but within this universe at certain distances from this planet earth and in dimensions beyond normal human perception. Now we are human and on earth and depending on how we act at the time of gross physical death will depend on which lokas we will be born next. Human life is measured by the span of one hundred years as an average or approximation, and within this period by some measure of his own free will can navigate himself to higher lokas or be sent or reborn in lower lokas, heaven and hell by his karma in this human form. Each lokas planet will have its own environment respectively. If this is taken to literally and on face value ( not saying you are, but as general comment ) it will not help and cosmology then becomes stuck on the exoteric or empirical level, when the cause and effect is known only in the subtle and only within ones own being via direct experience.

    Its a huge and fascinating subject, it is the subject and whole scope of the human life, modern cosmologist may know more about distance galaxies than they do of themselves, ultimately what is the value of this at the loss of becoming human~one who enquires into the subtle sciences of consciousness in the right way with all its mysteries and discoveries and auspiciousness, that uplifts and works in harmony interdependently within the full ecosystem of planet earth and is the essential function of evolution.

    I wish you well on your commute Kallol Ji

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    Re: The Life and Creation Ecosystem - Question 1



    Thanks. Even the commute does not spare me from meetings.

    I would love to deliberate on the 14 lokas and their relations with our rebirths.

    Yes the lokas are based on the states of mind. Again the states of mind only dictates the next life and body one will acquire. Are these related.

    Love and best wishes
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: The Life and Creation Ecosystem - Question 1

    Om Namaste Kallol Ji,

    Excuse my late reply

    Bhava Chakra the wheel of life or becoming.

    Understanding lokas as states of mind and environments of consciousness. Samsara is the wheel the jiva travels from one birth to another, enjoying or suffering the results of action. Often its measured in taking one lifeform to another, an auspicious birth in devic realms, or lower births in animal and hellish realms, this applies on one level but there is a more microcosmic level of birth and death that is studied as states of mind, lokas can also intermix.

    Just a brief over view of the cosmology of mind and consciousness

    7 states of devolution the lower environments, lokas

    7 states of evolution and involution in the higher lokas/realms.

    7 lokas of grosser, more intense states of dissatisfaction and suffering experienced in mind and sense consciousness and are considered as varying and more intense levels of suffering.

    7 states of refined, higher lokas where consciousness experienced without outward sense and mind consciousness.

    In the same way this body birth day event is arising and ceasing at certain points, at the micro level of mind, much in the same way as cellular life birth and death is happening at much faster speeds, on more subtle states of mind this is also happening, mind can go from one state to another. As the scientist uses his microscope to study cells , so the devote/yogis uses self awareness/introspect to study the nature of mind, to get insight into how states arise and what are the causes and effects behind each state.

    This is the practice of mindfulness which has a two way perception, satipathana as mindfulness of the outer sense and mind relationship and sati Upathana , U is the awareness of that which is transcendent, and makes the two worlds meet without duality. This is the process to fully understand the whole spectrum of cosmology and that which purifies, works through, maintains order and transcends.

    Questions in cosmology are ones such as, why was I born only to die, Who am I, what makes up experiences, what is the cause and the effect of all experiences, is there a possibility of release, liberation, can i aspire to higher states or maintain and increase higher states and avoid suffering, what would be the cause and conditions or way to do this. How did creation come about. The empiricist, philosopher look outwards into the manifest gross universe for his answers and the yogi/devotee, introspect looks within, turns the microscope within, and studies, understands and even masters the states.

    This is the beginning of the human evolution process, the beginning and start of awakening, evolutionary level of mind two aspects, outwards seeking and inward seeking, outward gets corrupted by the lure of the senses and false promises, involution is the higher more evolved part of the evolutionary process and the ground of true refuge and stability, knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

    Outward seeking to the awakened questions in cosmology has limitations due to ordinary conditioned mind and senses being faulty and limited. When that limitation is reached and one does not resist the pull to go within and ceases to depend on the external the mind naturally involutes or is drawn within to seek its answers and gradually gains insights.

    Already uploaded but covered or awaiting the right conditions to manifest are innumerable variations of states of mind/lokas and compounds of consciousness that depend on conditions for them to come into manifestation. This is to vast to cover so simple, and much of what is discovered within cosmology in the awakened sates are within prajna states, all upper lokas and direct knowledge of union is within Prajna.

    First level of awaking at bhumi level where she goes within and travels within and up seeking the answers. Most classical accounts start like this. Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita takes shelter of Krsna and seeks answers due to his dejection, loss of direction and confusion. Srimad Bhagavatam Bhumi Deva is seeking relief and shelter from the unruly kings, worldly rulers and desires and goes within and requests or prays for an avatar, taking the form of a cow. Gautama Buddha seeks liberation on the realization that life is burdened by birth, ageing , disease and death, so there is a common theme and all seek answers by going inwards and cosmology of science and knowledge of Being is given according to the narrative.

    If and when I get time I will try to continue, if its anywhere near close to what you asked


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