~ Namaste ~

In the Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in Bangalore (it was just a short visit) after the puja I've heard these mystic mantra touching with it's magic impact upon me.
I tried to remember it in order to write it down when I reached my hotel close to the ashram.

I wrote the words as I understood them; hence some might be written wrong. I am sorry for that, please forgive, it is not my intension to hurt someone or turn it's meaning, on the contrary. I would like to comprehend the real meaning since it's so touching my soul.

Especially the third line of the Mantra was very difficult to understand, have heard the word Sarnath like the towns name (to the north of Varanasi where Buddha gave first teachings)...

May someone correct the mantra and translate it's real meaning?

Om ~ sãhee shwaraya detmahee

Sathya deva ya deemahee

Sarnath Sathya jogara hãtee