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    Hi everyone, I'd like to share a "Declarations Video" that I just created, it contains the best spiritual geometric shapes for visualizing and affirmation phrases that I know of:


    "God is.
    We are God.
    We are all one universal family of God's children together always forever.

    We are one.
    We are all one.
    We the Earth family are one.

    I am God.
    I am the One.
    I am complete, all-pervasive peace, and infinite, almighty love.

    God, universe, I wish for, I will, oneness, peace, love, freedom, and happiness, completely, infinitely, for all, unconditionally.
    God, universe, I thank, love, surrender to, and devote myself to you.
    God, universe, I love you. Unconditionally.

    Let the universe be completely and infinitely united, peaceful, loving, free, and happy.
    Let all beings be blessed with complete and infinite life, happiness, and health.
    Let Earth be completely and infinitely united, peaceful, loving, free, and happy.

    You are God.
    You are the One.
    Thank you, I love you.
    You are amazing and awesome."

    Shared on my site:

    In oneness,

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    Re: Declarations

    What were your visualizations based on, jmaf6556?

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