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Thread: Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)

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    Red Face Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)

    Hi! I'm a Vaishnava with Sri Vaishnava and Gaudiya beliefs, and hope to be a peaceful contribution here!

    I'm from Australia and was not born in a Hindu family, in fact a Muslim family and am Turkish, but i do my best to understand the culture intertwined within Hinduism.

    I first became a Vaishnava 4 years ago when i became inexplicably attracted to a picture of Lord Vishnu. This picture made me want to learn all about Narayana and i love him and his manifestations dearly

    If you have an questions don't hesitate to ask

    Narayana! Narayana!

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    Re: Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)

    I guess this forum is not very active?

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    Re: Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)


    Welcome to the forum.


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    Re: Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)

    Namaskraram, thank you

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    Re: Hello :) (Better edition, sorry mods)

    Quote Originally Posted by Terese View Post
    I guess this forum is not very active?
    Depends what you mean by ‘áctive’.

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