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Thread: What does the term embodied mean?

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    Re: What does the term embodied mean?

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    thank you
    yes it is 18/2 ch
    Antavanta ime dehaa nityasyoktaah shareerinah;Anaashino’prameyasya tasmaad yudhyaswa bhaarata.
    the position at that time being dharma fight so yudhyaswa was justified .
    when the sanatan dharma principle applies it means yujjaswa and therefore for this time when gita rules the peace ,
    is yujjaswa right ?
    and if yes what next as per gita?
    Jai Shri KRshNa ~

    1. yuddhastwa applies today also, believe it or not -- in the context of standing up to those who inflict injustice. Does not mean war.

    2. yujjasva -- Be in Yog with Me. Hari sharaNam , Hari smaraNam, Hari vandanam, Atma-nivedanam

    What next? Live with Hari in union until the turIyAvasthA is reached and even beyond that... why worry about what will happen when Shri Hari is with "me"? Slowly and steadily, this "me" will fade away...

    JarA itanA batA de kAnhA , terA ranga kAlA kyon? Tu kAlA hokar bhi jag se nirAlA kyon? ....
    sakhi ne palkon me biThA liyA, premAnjan akhiyan me lagA liyA
    Anjan (KAjal) kA rang kAlA , isiliye kAlA hun...

    Although this appears duality it is not.
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    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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