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Thread: Are our souls eternal like that of Brahman or created by Brahman?

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    Re: Are our souls eternal like that of Brahman or created by Brahman?

    Namaste Viraja,

    To the original question, if we have the answer then i think i am good.

    The subsequent "Birth" process is differently understood and explained with different schools of thought and the word play of 'Jeevatma as something different from Soul or Atma" is one of them. Atma == Soul == Jiva in all schools. ( The difference is, what is the subject or constituent of that Atma aka jiva aka Soul). Due to this word play, you are forced to believe and write 'newly created Jivatma" etc. which carries anti-vedic thoughts

    Only Body is created - Bodies do not have Karma but the Jiva is ( jiva is Atma is soul).

    Thank you
    Hare Krshna

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    Re: Are our souls eternal like that of Brahman or created by Brahman?

    I have been carefully reading all the messages, I do not agree and I do not think it is possible for a soul to be trapped in samsara forever. That amounts to eternal hell, but instead of being stuck in a dead end, looking at the same fixed point, the soul goes back and forth to this world infinite times, something that would be hellish. God would never do something like that for a soul, before creating he knew if there was going to be any anomaly. Although the creation is something amazing and miraculous, yoga vasishtha says that only what existed before the creation exists at this moment, "empty" if before the big bang, there was emptiness, how can there be anything now? there is no way to make it. There is only eternal emptiness. The soul is immortal and can free itself from samsara.

    I am a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, I learned a lot from Yogananda.

    "God imagines himself as individual beings"


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    Re: Are our souls eternal like that of Brahman or created by Brahman?


    " Are our souls eternal like that of Brahman or created by Brahman? "

    To understand it we have to understand the basics of Brahman and Soul. Apparently it is a
    comparison between apple and orange.

    Like say we have ocean. The basic characteristic of ocean is the water and this is permanent and unchangeable. Now there are waves which provides forms and shapes to the same water. Can we compare water with waves ? No. Neither water is wave or wave is water. Wave is a transient phenomenon.

    It provides an apparent discreteness to the same water and we can distinguish the waves.

    This water is analogy of Brahman and the wave the analogy of soul and maya. The same Purusha looks like Prakriti in forms, shapes, colors and discreteness which is where the maya part is born. This discreteness is also the birth of "I" or ego.

    Just like each wave will be having its own uniqueness however minor it is, similarly all the discrete souls which spans into all 14 lokas.

    Just like a wave is born out of the water due to certain residual forces and when that forces are removed the waves die, similarly the souls. All the apparent discreteness which are created due to residual forces (desires, ego, etc), will also die though the time span is almost infinite when one reaches satyaloka. In Satyaloka, the "I" part is taken out and thus the discreteness.

    Best wishes
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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