Since long I am confused on terms and languages - the thread of Gurmat Gurvani Veechar has now caused me to ask.

Following are my examples

Which language adds a ‚ru‘ at the end?
Dasa – Sanskrit?
Das – Hindi?
Dasaru ???

I learned that Hindi omits the vowel at the end.
In a blog I read Krishn, Shiv but Buddha – why is the ‚a‘ left in Buddha.
In the same blog I read tap instead of tapas – how many letter can be omitted?

Which language puts a ‚m‘ at the end?
Abhisheka – Sanskrit?
Abhishek – Hindi?
Abhishekam ???

In the eastern part of India ‚v‘ and ‚b‘ seem to be exchanged.
Kubera is Kuvera – ‚b‘ to ‚v‘
Bhagavan is Bhagaban – ‚v‘ to ‚b‘
Why that?

Now in the post of Gurmat Gurvani Veechar I see the first time japo instead of japa.
Which language exchanges ‚a‘ to ‚o‘?

What does Gurmat Gurvani Veechar mean?

I know Sri – which language uses Sriman and Srimad?

Does this confuse only foreigners or Indians too?

Thanks a lot for helping me!