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Thread: Multiple Mantras everyday on the same mala

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    Multiple Mantras everyday on the same mala

    Hi All

    Does anyone have any experience of chanting different mantras on the same jap mala everyday? Currently I do different mantra chanting (of different Gods/Goddesses) every morning on the same mala I have.
    Would you recommend against it?

    I am currently not doing a Siddhi practise, it is just general everyday morning prayers. For a Siddhi of a mantra I would use specific complementing mala.


  2. Re: Multiple Mantras everyday on the same mala

    I lived in a Bhakti Yoga ashram and have been meditating for close to 40 years now.

    I really don't see any problem with doing so.

    If you are concerned with creating different vibrations from the different chanting....that may be the case...but it would be extremely, extremely subtle.

    For example, as far as vibrations go....they are affected by everything...passing car noise, noise in the house, whatever activity was in the house. And all those kinds of daily things that are unavoidable would most likely have a much more powerful impact.

    I could imagine that some high Yogi, meditating in a cave somewhere might need to keep the vibrations absolutely perfect...but I don't think it would affect most of us.

    And, remember, that God is in charge of all vibratory Creation. It is our devotion to Him that is most important. If we are devoted to Him, His Grace can create all purification of any errant vibration.

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