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Thread: Translation of the Chinese Agamas

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    Translation of the Chinese Agamas

    Harih Om

    Some good links to meditation practice and what I would consider in my study of Buddha ( awakened) Dharma ( not buddhism, which was created in the late 18th century by empirical European Thinkers/speculators, and distorted by religious sentiment)

    I have found that a study both for historical accuracy and aligning the real dharma teachings of one the great Sanatana Dharma teacher who spun the dharma chakra, the historical Gautama who was from a Vedic ksatriya lineage of the sakhya's.; also known as Shakya Muni from the 7 North Indian sacred universities which are protected by the shapta rishis and illuminate fully the seven gates of full awakening and has been preserved in the Himalaya traditions of North India in such sampradayas as Nath and the Tibetan traditions and the Chinese schools of Ch an a samadhi tradition of the Northen regions, which is the post graduate realization of purva mimamsa sadhanas,, although the Buddha in the texts is none other than Absolute Illumination of Brahman whose teaching is pure veda was carefully preserved by our good ancient Chinese friends for later introduction back into India to help the misguided traditional intellectuals to align the original teachings of sanatana dharma to fight the influence of the foreign construct of Hinduism.

    Here are some useful links, although the majority of his teachings are in the nikayas or formless realms arupa jhanas in the brahmanda in pasyanti vak which illuminates the Buddha, ones true nature, the initials steps are extremely important and these are good sources to start and quite clear.

    Jai Hanuman
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