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    #krishnafortoday Paintings


    Paintings by Keshav Venkatraghavan are quite impressive. Modern art style Krishna.

    They say Dementia is curbed when people keep stimulating their brain. I was curious initially why Krishna had a tail....! Just saying this as I don't want readers to miss the details, my understanding. May be you can decipher further meanings at the picture, if so, please let me know.

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: #krishnafortoday Paintings

    Namaste Viraja ji

    Thanks for sharing this "modern" or "progressive" painting.

    Are you testing us?

    The tail belongs to the cow! Not Shri KRshNa. The cow is very cleverly camouflaged in the background using off-white and the same 3-4 colors. See the cow's face and brown horns and KRshNa's kara-kamala (Lotus Hand) in between the 2 horns.

    The Urdhva-Pundra -cum- Shikhi-pichha (peacock feather) -cum- trishuL on top is larger than forehead because it covers the area above Sahasra chakra and shows KRshNa's infinite Being.

    In the background is a Swastika -- which radiates swasti, swAsthya , Universal Well-Being and auspiciousness.

    Shri KRshNa's Mukha-Kamala (Lotus Face) is very peaceful, serene, compassionate, loving, youthful -- Pauganda -- a 9 or 10 year old. Very very sweet.

    Rosy red lips stand out making Him very attractive.

    He has a Slender waist (siMha-kaTi) which is the constriction - a symbol of Hari putting restrictions on devotees' material lives out of compassion so as to burn their hearts into pure gold. (... OK I admit I just made that one up a second ago).

    His Kamal-nAbhi (navel) is the Source of BramhAnDa - Universal manifestation.

    Good art -- I hope the artist does not go overboard with it, however.
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    Re: #krishnafortoday Paintings

    I could go on...

    The concentric 4-colour semi-circles below the Swastik are either the waves in Ksheer-Sagar (milk-ocean of unmanifest universal plasma), or coiled Shesha-Naag or a combination of both.

    The concentric circles radiate KRshNa's explanation of Bramhan' in the Bhagavad Geeta (sRjAmyaham punah: punah: -- I manifest and curve back onto Myself again and again - thus explaning universal manifestation cycles of time - Kaal)

    I have also begun to see a Shiva with Nandi superimposed on Shri KRshNa with SurabhI / ChAndani / Gomati / whoever. They are One Being.
    See how interesting it gets, the more you study or meditate on it? Just a matter of minutes, or seconds, to come up with new discoveries.

    The 3 lines on His chest are Shiva's tripundra that KRshNa takes to heart, and KRshNa's Urdhva-Pundra that Shiva caries on head.

    The Swastika serves multi-purpose of Shiva's Naag around neck and KRshNa's siMhAsan (royal seat) (Shiva's stone seat) and KRshNa's UparNa flowing around shoulders.

    KRshNa's pitAmbar pattern (layered-striped) also gives a Nataraj look.

    HariHara !
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: #krishnafortoday Paintings

    Look at the NAbhi-Kamala carefully -- do you see Shiva's damrU around it? As KRshNa's (Maha-VishNu's ) navel is the source of BramhAnDa, Shiv starts rattling the damrU with pleasure.

    Shiva's DamrU is one of the primordial sounds of the universe (after the OnkAr) , and it is no coincidence that it is right at KRshNa's nAbhi-kamala (navel).

    When a philosophical devotee comes up with Divine art, there should be no sense of doer-ship (kartrutva, kartA bhAv) - which is adnyAna. Then, the art will flow, the secrets of existence will radiate from it because then it is coming from a higher dimension, not the logical brain. This is when others will see things into it that perhaps the artist themselves did not intend to add.
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    Re: #krishnafortoday Paintings

    Yashoda pulled little KRshNa's hair in a bow on top and placed a Peacock Feather in it. Notice how the peacock feather is made squarish and looks like a TrishuL.
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    Krishna was born on Wednesday,the eighth day of second fortnight in Sravana month. This was Lord Krishna and that special day is celebrated as Janmashtami.

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