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    Re: Positive India


    I don't know Hindi. To me, it seems the page is promoting Muslim citizens of India, in an effort to display their patriotism.

    But I do not welcome such an initiative, that is, to promote Muslim (brothers & sisters) as such.

    1. Their religion at its core is intended at propagating their own selfish cause, of making everyone a Muslim. More supportive Muslims, the better their voice, the better their voice, better their voice stronger their representation, then stronger their demand, and so forth.

    2. They beget too many children in order to make their community thrive.

    3. While they yearn to become more prominent in India, be it through patriotic or unpatriotic means, they do nothing for making Hindus live in other Muslim nations. For example, no Indian born Hindu can purchase land in Kashmir. I have heard of voices of apathy and abuse echo all over the middle-east. So many Hindu temples have been demolished in Pakistan. If these Muslims can voice their opinions against such things, and provide home also for Hindus in their nations to live equally and peacefully, then their patriotism can perhaps be granted better voice.

    Thanks, MD ji, for the link.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: Positive India

    Namaste Viraja Ji,

    While I agree with what you have said and there are real issues, where does the solution start. Even if small steps are taken it is something to build upon.

    What happened recently in Kashmir caused a lot of high tension in India, I was there at the time and the reaction was quite charged and it was an intense atmosphere. But if the tension is taken out of the public domain where normal day to day people's aggression is taken out by a more positive propaganda can only be a good thing and leave the bigger issues to the governments to solve them. If there is a war let the Armies fight it out, that is their job, but hopefully it wont come to that. And I also see more foreign influence fuelling these things that people should be made aware of. These things dont just get localized in India, they spread around the world globally, so its a global concern.

    I was in Mathura once when it was very close to a major riot when a Muslim and Hindu had a fight and a Hindu was stabbed and killed, the whole city came out and was waiting to explode, luckily nothing happened, when we got back the the Math the doors were heavily locked once everyone was back and the windows boarded up and everyone was waiting for all hell to be let loose. The police controlled it well and everything slowly calmed down. Me and another devotee was walking down the street where everyone was lined up in large crowds, I am so glad that I never witness what could have happened, so I certainly would not wish that scenario on anyone anywhere.

    Apparently the naga babas of Joon Akhara also represent the Muslims saints and in Ujjain there is samadhi of an Muslim saint and we stopped by his samadhi place and paid obesiances and the Naga Baba I was with said he was baba and paid just as much respect to him as he would to a Hindu sadhu's samadhi.

    These things are simple a platform for better dialogue. I have found many Muslims even though dressed as a devotee in India, not a regular Hare Krsna but they have always been good with me and even say Hare Krsna and fold their hands, shouldn't that slight bit of light be built upon, its amazing how people change when your a neutral.

    People usually become more rational when they are appreciated. What would be the solution, to Ethnic cleanse them, thats impossible. Hitler could not do it to population of 10 million, and how horrific is that so what do you think would happen on a scale where there is over 170 million Muslims in India. A lot of Hindu sadhus like Sant Kabir, shirdi sai baba spoke about Unity as a solution among common normal people, and these people are considered by both HIndus and Muslims to be Enlightened, are we not trying to follow Enlightened people because they have gone beyond all designations and gone beyond bias and ignorance.

    Aggression breeds aggression, and in any form do we really want to be responsible for leaving behind for future generations war and hatred. Both sides need to come out and talk with each other respectfully. I was brought up in a heavily populated Muslim areas, and at the end of the day I know how they think, and most are just normal people some very warm and welcoming and often people react under pressure, I even have close family who are Pakistan Muslims, so if i hate them I have to hate my family members and I just cant do that, can that vision be extended by all Indians, if it can social atmospheres will be more calm.

    All Indian Muslims are Indians after all by birth and have generations of of previous ancestors that have always lived in India. its very different to Christian missionaries converting Hindus from an outsides source attacking Indian way of life and turning people against their own culture, and can be solved through positive dialogue. And keep bringing up old scores will only further increase the tension. One thing that annoys me most about these aggressive propagandists is that their blood throaty shouts f for a violent solution is a total hypocrisy because if there was fighting and violence these people would be safely away from it all and other people will be doing all the fighting for them

    My Hindi is a bit scratchy but i can figure things out in essence, but what I get from this is that the normal public should be not be fighting each other, they should work to live together in a normal way in day to day life and put pressure on the government to sort things out in a more positive way, its very possible.

    I like the tactics that HH Dalai Lama employs with raising awareness with normal Chinese people about the activities of their government in Tibet, and that is to keep emphasising compassion and awareness, now that Buddhism is no longer outlawed in China, it pave the way for new generation which are the future to have different attitudes. I was in China for some time and the normal Chinese person is totally brainwashed by their media, they think that Tibetans was attacking the boarders of China, or China has moved in for to help the Tibetans advance economically and think that all the real stories that they are told about killing over a million Tibetans is American propaganda. Its also a great tactic to bring as many Chinese students to the west to expose them to what their government is doing in Tibet which is inhumane. We can only make small steps at a time but they should always be the in the right direction.

    This is just my view and see it as something to just take the pressure out of the public domain.
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    Re: Positive India

    MD ji,

    Solution -- For a starter, how about banishing permission of exclusive law to Indian Muslims? Like banning their own court and justice/jurisdiction, no Sharia Law, banning multiple marriages for the men, banning triple Talak, promoting or allowing greater representation and perhaps things like some special economic sanctions for Muslims getting no more than 2 or 3 children.... Then they should make religious conversions, especially into Islam, very, very hard. Recently a TamilNadu man (Google 'Ramalingam') was hacked to death by some Muslims for voicing his opinion against their scheme for some religious conversion into Islam. Enabling severe punishment for such crimes is another action that can be taken.

    Very insightful post. I really would appreciate everyone's participation in this thread.

    Thanks and regards.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: Positive India

    Namaste Viraj Ji,

    I dont know all the details about internal policies in India, I try to avoid politics as I dont usually trust politicians.

    For sure the Muslim people have to wake up on so many issues, like we all do, ISLAM is supposed to mean peace in society and peace within the person and there are certainly many Muslims that just want to live a peaceful life same as most normal human beings. So its about awakening the things that bring peace, it is these people that need empowering and they are waiting to be empowered, I know so many beautiful Muslim people. Then these things about people getting hacked to death will at least be minimized, communities can be built up in the right sattvic way.

    My own personal responsibility is to try and be part of a positive solution and spread that universally to everyone, what else is there to do, work for my own personal gain?, my experience in life is that positive ways is the only way forward, building up sattva is the way forward, if these simple messages can go into the heart of the ordinary man then society will be less controlled by negative sociopaths.

    In my experience in the sanatana traditions is that Sri Ram is positive Self rule and responsibility in the world, Shiva is positive pure joyti ~light, darkness and ignorance cannot go near him, His light is so strong it destroys all darkness and the causes of Darkness and is only auspicious, darkness and light cannot live together, just like the night cannot exist when the sun rises, Krsna is positive and pure Prem unlimited universal love for all Beings.

    Hare Krsna

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