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Thread: Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha

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    Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha

    Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha, in English known The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

    Written by a disciple called simply "M" recounts the teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

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    Re: Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha

    Sri Ramakrishna would often sing and go into Samadhi.

    He recommended going to nature for one or two days whenever possible. Specifically the forest

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    Re: Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha


    Some sayings of Sri Ramakrishna

    He is born in vain who, having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realize God in this very life.
    You see many stars in the sky at night, but not when the sun rises. Can you therefore say that there are no stars in the heavens during the day? O man, because you cannot find God in the days of your ignorance, say not that there is no God.
    One cannot have the vision of God as long as one has these three – shame, hatred, and fear.
    Be not a traitor in your thoughts. Be sincere; act according to your thoughts; and you shall surely succeed. Pray with a sincere and simple heart, and your prayers will be heard.
    Do not let worldly thoughts and anxieties disturb your mind. Do everything that is necessary in the proper time, and let your mind be always fixed on God.
    You should remember that the heart of the devotee is the abode of God. He dwells, no doubt, in all beings, but He especially manifests Himself in the heart of the devotee. The heart of the devotee is the drawing room of God.
    Pure knowledge and pure love are one and the same thing. Both lead the aspirants to the same goal. The path of love is much easier.
    Who is the best devotee of God? It is he who sees, after the realization of Brahman that God alone has become all living beings, the universe, and the twenty-four cosmic principles. One must discriminate at first, saying ‘Not this, not this’, and reach the roof. After that one realizes that the steps are made of the same materials as the roof, namely, brick, lime, and brick-dust. The devotee realizes that it is Brahman alone that has become all these — the living beings, the universe, and so on.
    Live in the world like a waterfowl. The water clings to the bird, but the bird shakes it off. Live in the world like a mudfish. The fish lives in the mud, but its skin is always bright and shiny.
    I tell you the truth: there is nothing wrong in your being in the world. But you must direct your mind toward God; otherwise you will not succeed. Do your duty with one hand and with the other hold to God. After the duty is over you will hold to God with both hands.
    The breeze of His grace is blowing day and night over your head. Unfurl the sails of your boat (mind), if you want to make rapid progress through the ocean of life.
    One should constantly repeat the name of God. The name of God is highly effective in the Kaliyuga. The practice of yoga is not possible in this age, for the life of a man depends on food. Clap your hands while repeating God’s name, and the birds of your sins will fly away.

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    Re: Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha

    Sri Ramakrishna and Swmai Vivekananda

    "Can you weep for Him with intense longing of heart? Men shed a jugful of tears for the sake of their children, for their wives, or for money. But who weeps for God? So long as the child remains engrossed with its toys, the mother looks after her cooking and other household duties. But when the child no longer relishes the toys, it throws them aside and yells for its mother. Then the mother takes the rice-pot down from the hearth, runs in haste, and takes the child in her arms."

    Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
    (Dakshineshwar 1884)

    "I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honour of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal."

    Swami Vivekananda
    Representative of Hindus
    Parliament of Religions
    Columbian Exposition, Chicago World Fair
    11 September 1893

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    Re: Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha

    An ocean of bliss may rain down from the heavens, but if you hold up only a thimble, that is all you receive
    ― Ramakrishna

    Try to cultivate love of God. You are born as a human being only to attain divine love.
    ― Ramakrishna

    One day, it was suddenly revealed to me that everything is pure spirit.
    ― Ramakrishna

    The breeze of grace is always blowing on you. You have to open the sails and your boat will move forward.
    ― Ramakrishna

    Bondage is of the mind; freedom too is of the mind. If you say 'I am a free soul. I am a son of God who can bind me' free you shall be.
    ― Ramakrishna

    Pray to Him anyway you like, He can even hear the footfall of an ant.
    ― Ramakrishna

    The way of love is as true as the way of knowledge. All paths ultimately lead to the same Truth. But as long as God keeps the feeling of ego in us, it is easier to follow the path of love.
    ― Ramakrishna

    If you meditate on your ideal, you will acquire its nature. If you think of God day and night, you will acquire the nature of God.
    ― Ramakrishna

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