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Thread: Why do you love Hinduism?

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    Why do you love Hinduism?

    Hello everbody,

    I've said elswhere here that I'm a Roman Catholic who believes in Hinduism (I know that sounds strange, it makes more sense in my head). I thought that I'd write out what attracts me to Hinduism in addition to why I think it is true. My hope is that some others could do the same, so I could see how others expierence Hinduism.

    So, for me.

    1. A personal and close feeling relationship with Lakshmi and Ganesha.
    2. That I can have a colourful alter where I worship murti. The physicality of it makes it feel like "this is what worship should be like."
    3. I think reincarnation is just and good way to deal with good and bad deeds, plus God will liberate you when you are ready.
    4. God is loving, and I don't need to fear Lakshmi and Ganesha. That always got in the way of my religious life with the Trinity. (not trying to start a religious debate, just saying where I'm coming from.)
    4. Art. The art is great. The temples, paintings and statues among other things.
    5. The four Ashrams of life help me gage where I should be going and where I am.
    6. A clear emphasis on Bhakti. God is sweeter than sugar.
    7. And to be honest, I also ask Lakshmi and Ganesha for help in life (health, friends and yes: money) and they have been there for me. So, it feels like they care.

    That's me. What about you?
    Thank you for your time,

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    Re: Why do you love Hinduism?

    Namaste Yep,

    7. And to be honest, I also ask Lakshmi and Ganesha for help in life (health, friends and yes: money) and they have been there for me. So, it feels like they care.
    Its quite natural to turn to other powers for help, in prayer and pujas, but if all the prayers were answered due to them having an absolute power to solve the external issues, many things would have been solved already, each opposing party would win, nobody would die, poverty would not exists and everyone would be healthy, but so far this has not happened, and i cant see that it would end the outer competition to acquire things, even if one person may not pray for themselves another may, but there are still external events such as ageing, poverty, sickness and death of the body that inflicts the outer world on a minute to minute basis. So there is limit effect in the outer, but its not bad to do it in a limited way, its natural propensity, but not to get stuck and limit the powers to that only.

    Internally Ma is the mother of the inner and outer nature of ones being, which is transcendent (spiritual) at the source, and she often knows best whats good for us, so things are taken with gratitude, whether its loss or gain, loss or gain is perception based according to desire, whats a loss may turn out to be a gain in another area, and visa versa These things are impossible to measure with perception based desires. Sri helps us to transcend the duality based perception.

    Often rich people are more unhappy than poorer people, or poorer people think that money will solve everything, its a confusing cycle. Sri expands this measurement to transcend individual personal desire for fame and praise and acceptance by outer perception.

    Sri is yuki~a shakti, or that which connects one in yoga to the boundless all pervasive vishnu , who is neutral to all dualities, all dualties are based on perceptions of loss and gain, according to individual desire, if individual desire is taken away, laxmi may bless that person with billions, if they know how to use in seva, nobody can measure these things, only a Self Realized person or others who are well on their way can understand these things more clearly.

    Shraddha, which can mean faith on the limited level and shraddha to Sri is trust or complete confidence in ones mother, she knows best, she gives as Annapurna devi, provides everything that is needed only for Self Realization and to maintain balance in the status quo , each person has different capacity to receive what is needed for this purpose only, which is the sole aim of human life.

    personally i prefer the word sanatana dharma, as that relates directly to the meaning of our identity and true nature, which is based on a transcendent source above individual status and desire, of outer name, wealth, fame and infamy, and limiting it to external success and failure.

    Sri is prasade, kripa, ahara, giving nutrition to the citta mind heart centre, above the senses and mind centred in the brain between the eyebrows above the 5 senses, and does not drop into individual sense realm of personal desire, she is universal, considers the whole more than the individual, the universe exists within Ma, the universe is Ma, Ma~sri~devi is supported by Vishnu and Shiva and visa versa, there is no duality/division in them. This is why i like true sanatana Dharma.
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    Re: Why do you love Hinduism?

    Namaste Yep,
    It's good to ask God for love above all else. It's correct to turn to God for our needs- God always protects us. But beyond our physical needs, love and devotion.

    Gam Gam Ganapati

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