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Thread: New questions?

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    Re: New questions?

    You have been hateful and harassing to me.

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    Re: New questions?

    Considering all your comments were removed and your comments were put on hold, its about time you showed some honesty. But I think self honesty is not in your dna.

    But I am glad you have started your own thread. Maybe now this thread can develop

    Good luck with that.

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    Re: New questions?

    Stop with the hate --

    You have been very hateful and unrelentingly hostile, and you are not showing any signs of stopping. You have been aggressive, personal and extremely rude, for absolutely no reason.


    I have done nothing to do this and the endless, eternal and baseless aggression and hostility must stop.

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    Re: New questions?

    Hare Krishna timetraveler and markandeya 108 dasa

    I think we have to go "back" to this:

    But not all of them go back to Godhead. Even Lord Brahma himself doesn’t always go back to Godhead. In the 9th canto Srila Prabhupada says: “Both the Lord and the living entity, being qualitatively spirit soul, have the tendency for peaceful enjoyment, but when the part of the Supreme Personality of Godhead unfortunately wants to enjoy independently, without Krsna, he is put into the material world, where he begins his life as Brahma and is gradually degraded to the status of an ant or a worm in stool.” (SB 9.24.58 ppt) So it appears we have all been Brahmas, but have fallen down.

    How can we all begin as Brahma? Lets say 10 soul falls, then, according to this, there would be 10 Brahmas. Each with their own universe to govern. But it would be an empty universe = there would only be Brahma because the other souls or Brahmas are in their own universe facing the same problem. Or am I misunderstanding what is being said? What do they mean when they say: "he begins his life as Brahma"?

    This seems to be another answer than the one I got from I am confused.

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