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Thread: Can anyone identify the source of this quote

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    Can anyone identify the source of this quote

    ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
    I have a quote from one of the sacred texts, which I have in my head but do not remember the source.
    I wonder if anyone can identify it and the source?

    “S/he drinks him with her/his eyes and joins him Krishna (Shiva) in her/his heart through her/his eyes, and sealing them shut, embraces and incloses him in her/his heart.”

    I believe it is a quote referring either to Lord Krishna and Radha, or to an encounter between Lord Krishna and the Gopis. I have injected Lord Shiva above, but I do not really think this is a Shiva situation.

    I'd be very grateful for any suggestions as to the source.

    ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
    Dāka Karuṇā (दाक करुणा)

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    Re: Can anyone identify the source of this quote


    This sounds like the Mahisis, Krishna's Queens in DwArkA, not Gopis.

    When BhagvAn Shri KRshNa returns from a long trip , His queens, who have been meditating on Him in seperation, actually want to run and embrace Him. However, they send their sons instead, so that DwArkAdheesh meets and hugs His sons, and that itself is an acknowledgement, for the wives (mahisis, queens).

    -- Shrimad BhAgvat MahApurAN Canto 10 - Part II


    It could be a shlok from the Raas-panshAdhyAy - the 5 esoteric chapter of Raas and related events, Gopi Geet etc. as you think.
    -- Shrimad BhAgvat MahApurAN Canto 10 - Part I

    As soon as I find the quote I will post it here. Meanwhile you could read Canto 10


    That being said -- this is a beautiful framework that fits other forms of Brahman - your IshTaDev -- of bhAv-bhakti between jeevAtmA-ParamAtmA (dvA suparNa sAyujja - Shwetashwatara Upanishad - which I want to start a thread on)

    So it is simultaneously bhakti, yoga, jnAna

    Jai Shri KRshNa Govinda Hare MurAre
    he nAth nArAyaNa VAsudeva~
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    Re: Can anyone identify the source of this quote

    ParaBrahman ParamAtmA is Divine nectar. Why nectar? because ParamAtmA transcends material energy and is eternal, imperishable, bestows immortality (amrut).
    Devotees "drink" this nectar , and ParamAtmA lives in their hearts. This is not only common experience of devotees, it is commonly stated across shAstra (scripture), especially VaishNav shAstra (bhakti).

    ParaBrahman is SacchidAnanda rupa - Sat (Existence), Chit (consciousness, awareness, memory), Ananda (bliss).
    sacchidAnanda rUpAya vishwatpathyAdi hetave |
    tApatraya vinAshAya Shri KRshNAya vayam numah: ||
    - Shloka 1 of BhAgvat MahAtmya
    Salutations and obeissances to Shri KRshNa, the One of the nature of existence-consciousness-bliss, playing the role of (hetave) the nurturer, protector and guardian (pati) of the universe (vishwa), One who destroys the 3 kinds of miseries (1. adhibhautik - physical surroundings, natural disasters, 2. adhidaivik - due to circumstance, fate, karma, divine ordinance 3. adhyAtmic -- internal to one's mind or psychological)


    These quotes from Shrimad BhAgvat PurAN (SB) Canto.Chapter.Shloka(verse)

    SB 10.41.28 drushTA muhuh: shrutamanundrutachetasastaM |
    tatprekshaNotsmitasudhokshaNalabdhamAmAh: |
    AnandamUrtimupaguhya drushyA AtmalabdhaM |
    hRushyatvacho jahurantamarindamAdhiM ||

    The minds of the ladies in Mathura yearned to see Shri KRshNa after hearing about His Divine pastimes [at astonishingly young age] very frequent;y. Today they saw Him [in Person!] KRshNa also honored them with a respectful sweet smiling glance. O Parikshit! Those ladies started taking [drinking ?] the Lord ['s Divine beauty and Person] in through the eyes into their hearts, and they embraced His blissful [transcendental, non-material] presence in the heart this way. Their ecstatic state was visible outwardly through pores of the skin , goosebumps (pulakit), and their thirst to see Him was thus quenched.
    [Context of this shloka : When Krishna , Balaram, gopas entered Mathura with Akrur
    and Nanda Baba, to "watch" the royal wrestling tournaments - which of course was KaMsa's excuse-plan to kill Krishna, and this was not hidden from Krishna, who was just a young boy of 11 at the time.]

    Shri Shuka uvAcha :
    SB 10.82.40 gopyashcha kRushNamupalabhya chirAdbheeshTaM |
    yatprekshaNe drushishu pakshmakRut shapanti |
    drugbhihRudikrutamalaM parirabhya sarvA |
    -stadbhAvamApurapi nityayujAMdurApaM ||

    Shri Shukdev said: Seeing their Supreme Beloved Lord KRshNa after many days, when the gopis' eyelids blinked, they started cursing Lord BrahmA the creator of the world and hence creator of the eyelids [did you have to create eyelids? bad design. It hinders our sight of Krishna].
    With their eyes they took [ absorbed / drank ] their beloved Lord KRshNa into their hearts, embraced Him deeply in the heart, and became completely engrossed in Him (akin to sabeeja samAdhi of yogis).
    They attained the state (bhAv) that was very rare and hard to attain even for yogis trained and practiced in meditation at all times.
    [Context of this shloka : When Krishna , Balaram, and all Yadavs came to PrabhAs kshetra (near Somnath) for the eclipse, the residents of Vraj including Nanda-YashodA (Krishna's foster parents) and the gopas and gopis, came there. That is when Krishna met the gopis after decades, since leaving Vrundavan for Mathura.]

    SB 10.90 - This chapter is full of the bhAv of Krishna's queens in Dwarka, their devotion and worship, expressed through beautiful spontaneous poetic verses they would sing, in the palatial gardens. The queens, like the gopis, conversed with birds (cukoo, titvi, haMsa - swan...), elements of nature like the rain-cloud, ocean, moon in poetry.
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