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Thread: Shvetashvatara upanishad

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    Shvetashvatara upanishad

    The Shvetashvatara says to "turn your mind within echoing mantram in your heart."

    What it mean by this?

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    Re: Shvetashvatara upanishad

    Quote Originally Posted by openedeyes View Post
    The Shvetashvatara says to "turn your mind within echoing mantram in your heart."

    What it mean by this?

    Can you please specify the shloka chapter and number? e.g. Shv. Up. X.Y

    Just by reading your statement , "turn your mind within" means turn it (180 degrees) away from outer sensory objects/ sensory input, relationships with others, topics related to ego...
    Meditate, be quiet, listen to your thoughts getting quieter. As a first stage, increase awareness of the thoughts that fleet and flit thru the mind -- which you are less aware of when mind is seeking sensory inputs from the world outside.
    So the first step is awareness of what goes on in your mind, and then quietening the mind to seek the saccidAnand deep in the heart.

    By chanting a mantra. your mind is filled with thinking of the meaning of the mantra, raising and cultivating a feeling of devotion towards the Supreme Brahman' in the form of the IshTa / Deity. This leaves little room for "other" or "mundane" non-adhyAtmic thoughts (unrelated to the inner spirituality pertaining to the AtmA within (adhya - inner Atmic - of AtmA)).

    The silent japa is meant by "letting the mantra echo in the heart"
    After prolonged chanting of the mantra, and gradually switching from loud to upamshu (whisper) to silent mental japa, the mind gets trained into its inner world of solitude and sacred silence. Easier to find the AtmA.

    A very good question. You could have asked the question on the "Exploring Shvetashvatara" thread. It was quite relevant. Practical application of the upanishad.
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    Re: Shvetashvatara upanishad

    Namaste ameyAtmA

    The verse could be a free interpretation of II.8

    The wise man should hold his body steady, with the three upper parts erect, turn his senses, with the help of the mind, toward the heart and by means of the raft of Brahman cross the fearful torrents of the world.

    In the previous Mantras the seeker was advised about concentration and meditation on Brahman. Now how this can be brought about in practical life through practice of Yoga is taken up. First about the body postures, the teacher says that the body should be held steady and the three parts viz., chest, neck and head should be held erect. Then, by using the mind to control senses, thoughts should be directed toward the heart which is believed to be the abode of Brahman where one feels very vividly the presence of the Spirit. Thereafter, repeating and meditating on the meaning of the sacred syllable AUM (which this Mantra refers to as Brahman - brahma sabdam pranavam varnayanti - Sankara) are prescribed. By following this procedure, the unenlightened life of the world sustained by desires, ignorance, actions, which make the person, assume various bodies in the repeated cycle of birth and death and which prolongs the suffering in the phenomenal world can be crossed over.



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    Re: Shvetashvatara upanishad

    Thanks IndiaLover.
    See, the words used by the OP are such a common concept, that they could be just about any shlok from any upanishad, and the core of what Shri KRshNa instructs. as the major dhyAn yog in Bhagvad Gita chapter 6.
    The body -- Asana --- was not mentioned in the OP, but yes, it starts from the Asana (posture).

    Anyhow I have explained "turning inwards" and "mantra in heart".
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