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    Vow fulfilment


    If possible please help me with my doubt. I request to please read the following doubt of mine carefully TILL THE END in which I have included every detail and please give advice. This is a real life scenario sir and i am totally confused.

    Last month I went to Padmavathi temple tirupati and prayed to Goddess diety to fulfil my wish by completely healing my father’s paralysis problem. And in return I vowed to Goddess Padmavati deity that if she heals my father’s paralysis problem completely then I will bring my father for her darshan and donate my hair. But yesterday I brought my father for tirupati darshan in advance & donated my hair in advance ,before complete recovery of my father. Means my father was still NOT recovered completely from paralysis at that time upto my satisfaction level . But i brought him to darshan and shaved my head with the feeling to fulfil my vow/promise in advance and requested/said in my mind to Goddess deity that- “Last month i vowed that i will bring my father for tirupati darshan and shave my head IF you cure my father’s paralysis problem .My father’s paralysis issue is still not cured but I have brought my father for darshan and shaved my head in advance, before fulfilment of my wish (which was complete recovery of my father from paralysis). Please accept this darshan(visit) and donation of my hair as fulfilment of my promise/vow which i was supposed to fulfill after fulfilment of my wish but i have fulfilled it in advance before fulfilment of my wish. Please accept this as fulfilment of my vow/promise and now please cure my father’s paralysis problem completely as i prayed to you”

    Will this be considered fulfilment of my vow by the Goddess? I am asking this because earlier I vowed to Goddess that i will bring my father for tirupati darshan and donate my hair IF my father recovers completely from paralysis.But I brought my father to tirupati darshan in advance and donated my hair in advance, before his complete recovery. Will Goddess accept this “darshan and hair donation in advance” as vow fulfilled? Or this will NOT be accepted as fulfilled by Goddess because I did that activity before fulfilment of my prayer/wish?
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    Re: Vow fulfilment


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    Re: Vow fulfilment

    Sri Mahaganapataye Namah
    Sri Sarasvatyai Namah
    Sri Padavallabha
    Narasimha Sarasvati
    Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namah

    Hello rs2789,

    Do not worry, things will be okay.

    If you immerse yourself in bhakti, this is the highest thing you can do.

    We should be dedicated to the well-being of all, but also remember, everything and everyone is Atman.

    I am not saying this with any lack of concern; I will pray as well for your father.

    But at the end of the day remember we, and all beings, are Atman.

    To bring the most benefit, devote to bhakti - japa, studying, yoga.

    This promise happened - if it was accepted; the path is identical. . . In either case bhakti, japa, and prayers for well-being of all beings on earth is the best thing. And will also be the best prayer.

    Best wishes,

    Jaya Guru Datta
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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