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Thread: The vow- Advice needed

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    The vow- Advice needed

    Namaste everyone..please help me in clearing my confusion...

    My father suffered a stroke in 2016 due to which his left side got paraysed due to which he is not able to walk normally. He walks but not normally like he used to walk before. Except this, he doesnt has any issue and by God’s grace he is healthy.

    3 months ago I visited Tirupati and prayed Goddess deity to fulfil my wish my healing my father’s paralysis problem Completely. And in return i took a vow (Sankalp) that IF my father’s left side paralysis problem gets Completely cured and his body’s left side becomes Normal ,then i will (1) bring my father for tirupati darshan and also (2) donate my hair

    Now the confusion is- Paralysis recovery keeps on happening life long in small traces every year. Last month when i went to my hometown i saw improvement in my father’s left side of the body as he has started driving car on his own. Although the recovery is still not 100% as I wished but there is improvement as he is driving his car on his own - and seeing this improvement i took him to tirupati darshan and after that donated my hair to fulfil both my promises which I promised to God. Will that be considered fulfilment of my vow/promise which i made to God? Or do i have to again fulfil my vow/promise in future when i see further improvement in father’s left side of the body in future (As i said paralysis recovery keeps on happening life long in small traces every year. So obviously further improvements will keep on happening in future). So do i have to fulfil my vow again if i see further improvement in paralysis problem in future ? Or one time vow fulfilment is considered fulfilled which i did before?

    Please reply.
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    Re: The vow- Advice needed


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    Re: The vow- Advice needed

    Thus forum still work?

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    Re: The vow- Advice needed

    I see this as a question of ethics. It doesn't matter which religion or which god to whom you made the vow. You used the word "vow". This word implies something much more serious than a mere suggestion or invitation, or even a promise. Therefore you should do what you said you would do. However, another word you used is "completely". You have stated that your father is not completely cured, but your vow was conditional upon his complete recovery. Therefore you are, currently, under no obligation to do anything. That's how I see it.

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    Re: The vow- Advice needed

    @Yudhisthira... I did not get you sir.
    The vow which i fulfilled before complete recovery, will be considered fulfilled or not?
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    Re: The vow- Advice needed

    Keep your faith that the gods are on your side, would be my advice. They will listen to your inner voice and provide you with the comfort that you need for your devotional vows and prayers. If you have seen improvement in your fathers condition, it makes you happy and you have attained some peace of mind. So you need to test it further by going and praying again in Tirupati to see if it was a miracle or just an accident of nature.

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