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Thread: Advaita v. Dvaita

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    I see your still not very honest, You put to much importance on yourself H.G Wells, so take a deep breath and move on, your obviously not familiar with what Bhagavata is as a non dual being.

    I am talking with Porpoise and addressing the above question.

    There is a sannyas from Madhavacharya Sampradaya chosen by joytish born into their sampradaya walking and travelling around India saying the same thing correcting foreign translations and unifying the understanding between them and Adi Shankaras teachings, the teachings are one and undivided. To maintain the division one would also have to accept that advaita does not include Bhakti and the gradual path. Its like saying there is a difference between Shiva and Hanuman and Bhakti and Jnana.
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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    Insulting others is not allowed.

    On this forum, so is reported.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    jivanmukhta~ liberated soul, Bhagavat~ one possessed of divine attributes, Brahman ~Ultimate reality which is both nirguna and niraka attributeless and formless are non dual, there is absolutely no difference between them.

    Dvaita is equal to avidya or ignorance in advaita vedanta

    Bhakti is not an ordinary activity that one does, it is a shakti
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    Cool Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    Quote Originally Posted by markandeya 108 dasa View Post
    There is no difference between advaita and dvaita

    Dvaita, technically known as tattvavada deals specifically with purusha, prakriti and jiva, when these are in union there is advaita or wholeness, and jiva prakriti and purusha still remain.

    To say there is a difference with dvaita and advaita is to say that in vedant, there is a difference between turiya~pure consciousness and jagrat~waking state consciousness.
    Dvaita is known by philosophers and religious world view to be duality, there is difference between me and the ultimate reality Brahman, if dvaita is used in this way the philosophers and religious world views are incorrect and speak from an external source, if dvaita is used as Jivanmukta who is non different from Brahman then its the correct way to use it as a word when applied to tattvavada, and is representing the teachings of Madhavacharya's siddhanta or perfect conclusion. Madhavacharya holding up two fingers represents symbolically that the jivanmukta while appearing in limited form finite apart from Brahman is actually non different and infinite on the Absolute level.

    Madhavacarya taught tattva vada, which is essentially an exposition on the ultimate reality, which is the unification of Purusha, pure consciousness, Prakriti the divine manifestation of shakti and jiva~sentient being~mind and the five sense being.

    Man made religious world views and mundane philosophical views claim the acharaya's debate different levels of truth, this is a mistake and major problem for sometime within the discussions of Vedanta.

    False sentimental religious and philosophical worldview is that advaita vedanta is realisation of brahman as a stand alone reality independent and separate from creation and the individual parts, although mundaka Upanishads is describing something different, from the religious and philosophical wrong views. The four states of consciousness is described as Turiya, Pure consciousness, Sushupti, deep yogic sleep, svapna mind consciousness and jagrat the five sense based consciousness, when these are fully aligned its the same tattvavada as Madhacharya. There is no difference between these Four states and the purusha , prakriti and jiva, and there is no difference between advaita vedanta and Bhagavat Dharma.

    Purusha is turiya
    sushupti shakti ~ prakriti
    Jiva is combination of mind and five sense consciousness.

    Ignorant's proud of mundane learning claim the acharyas argued philosophical ideals and world views.

    ŚB 1.2.11

    वदन्ति तत्तत्त्वविदस्तत्त्वं यज्ज्ञानमद्वयम् ।
    ब्रह्मेति परमात्मेति भगवानिति शब्द्यते ॥ ११ ॥

    vadanti tat tattva-vidas
    tattvaṁ yaj jñānam advayam
    brahmeti paramātmeti
    bhagavān iti śabdyate


    Learned transcendentalists who know the Absolute Truth call this nondual substance Brahman, Paramātmā or Bhagavān.

    Samsara and Nirvana are identical

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    No one is saying that.

    Abuse is not allowed. Nor is it helpful.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    Quote Originally Posted by timetraveler View Post
    No one is saying that.

    Abuse is not allowed. Nor is it helpful.
    Nobody is saying what?

    For some reason you keep popping up with random comments, that make no sense and have nothing to do with the thread, nor is anyone addressing you. Please keep to the subject if you have a comment that refutes or expands on anything keep to that.

    Please dont trash any more threads, and stick to the subject.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    You said many nonsense things, and again with abuse and hate for me.

    There is no cause for this.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    Quote Originally Posted by timetraveler View Post

    You can find some of this by looking up various saint-philosophers.

    As Lokavidu explains, there are acharyas who debated this..

    Ramanuja was one of the big ones for Dvaita, he is mostly admired by Vaisnava (and was one.) Especially in Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

    You should be able to find some things he's written.


    Then, for Advaita you also have Sankaracarya, but he is a bit ancient.

    At the end, he wrote for Bhakti (worship and devotion of God in a a personal sense, i.e., Dvaita), in his work "Bhaja Govindam."

    You can find this and commentaries of it.

    Sort of an intro, the rest is good.

    Besides this, Swami Vivekananda comes to mind as well. Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest thought by many. He wrote and explained all topics and especially this one.

    He taught Advaita Vedanta, so it would be a good place to study.

    Wikiquotes is good and almost all of his works are online.

    Here is a beautiful collection of his works:

    Just click on the Volume and then the topic (Bhakti, Vedanta, etc.)

    Now, also remember that these terms occur as well, Bhakti and Jnana, and so forth. While Dvaita and Advaita could be said to be called philosophies, Bhakti and Jnana are the corresponding approaches of these. Bhakti is devotion, and Jnana knowledge.

    Best wishes!
    Let us know how it goes.

    "Studying the Bhagavatam is the most peaceful thing you can do." - Sri Ganapati Sachidananda Swami

    "The Vedanta recognizes no sin, it only recognizes error." - Swami Vivekananda
    Here this is what I said.

    A third part is Vishishtadvaita.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita


    There is noting at all directed to you, this is called paranoia. Any even minded 3rd party can see this.

    If i was to critique your post i would have first pointed out that Dvaita is attributed to Madhava Not Ramunuja, he has been rubber stamped with Vishishtadvaita, as an alternate differing philosophical view.

    The previous post was refuting philosophical and religious views that have crept in.

    Now please stop trashing even more threads, no one has time for you lack of honesty and seeing things that are not there.

    You recently posted this thread but obviously and unsurprisingly did not read it properly.


    On a personal note i really think you need some type of counselling because your bringing about your own suffering and imagining things, i say this with concern and for your welfare.

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    Re: Advaita v. Dvaita

    No, you came out swinging with insults.

    And you continue with hate abuse and disdain.

    Gam Gam Ganapati

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