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Thread: Being Hindu and Leaving a Specific Guru

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    Being Hindu and Leaving a Specific Guru


    Its been a very long time since I have posted on here, but Ihave some questions and figured that this might be a good place to get someinsight.

    I am having a bit of a dilemma, but first here is some ofthe backstory.

    About five years ago I “converted” to Hinduism after I startedfollowing a Hindu guru within the Shaivite tradition. Before being introducedto this person, I already did have an interest in Hinduism and knew that manyof my beliefs aligned with the central Hindu ones. Although I am grateful, for themany positive experiences I had as a part of this group, some instances have occurred,and I realized that some of my personal beliefs no longer align to this guru’steachings. This guru has given me initiations into his teachings (though theyare not ones that can keep me from leaving), but I am concerned whether or notI can still call myself a Hindu if I am no longer under the guidance of ateacher.

    I know technically I can, but I have also seen it arguedthat it’s better to follow a spiritual teacher. Personally, I do want to be apart of some sort of group.

    I would also like to take some time to research differenttraditions/sampradayas/organizations/etc., especially some that are open toconverts. Right now, I am trying to find Shakta groups because I have an interest and I cannot really find much information, but I am really open toexploring anything right now.

    Sorry if this is a bit to unpack, but I would appreciate itif anyone can give their advice or insight.


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    Re: Being Hindu and Leaving a Specific Guru

    Namaste Nor,

    I would like to open with a quote from Sri Aurobindo, who was considered as a Maha Siddha

    The tendency to take what I lay down for one and apply it without discrimination to another is responsible for much misunderstanding. A general statement, too, true in itself, cannot be applied to everyone alike or applied now and immediately without consideration of condition or circumstance or person or time.
    Sri Aurobindo

    Its far to much pressure on anyone teacher/student or teaching to be taken word for word and accept absolutely everything they say, this is not the system in understanding Guru, what one Guru might be saying will be addressing something particular and may have nothing to do with anything other than what is being addressed, some teachings are general and others more specific. Its much more of religious thing to have to accent every single word as Gospel, they usually tend to freak out by different style of teachings and make sharp distinction, this is immature stage mental stage.

    It can be better to take what you can apply to yourself and what you cant just leave, if there is no personal issues and there is love between you your and guru that is OK, and you can branch out and learn from others.

    My initiating spiritual master was bhagavat and a scientists, when he speaks among devotees and when he speaks in scientific way to scientists he is aware of the audience and needs of the people he is with is different, but his teaching is one and unchanged, so there is no pressure from any of us to hold onto every word he says. Many initiates only meet there guru once get a mantra or blessing and never see them again.

    There is also a false pressure that comes from a religion that only one teacher is for you, that is not the natural way, where the teachings are in fact natural integrations of the mass of diversity that has become unified, any good guru will not have any problem with you learning from any other source as long as it is not causing division and contradiction.

    While association is important the Truth cannot be found in groups, and in all group dynamics there will never be a full Utopia and humans are always with some faults according to perception, I dont think this can be avoided, its part of the package, you may change groups but may find the same traits to varying degrees, the pressure on us is our internal change.

    Dont worry to much about converting from one to another, its just mental games that will destabilise the mind and it will not find its true refuge because we think its somewhere out there located in some place and held by someone or some group or teaching, just be free and live by Truth alone.

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    Re: Being Hindu and Leaving a Specific Guru

    You are still a hindu if you believe in dharma. That said, leaving a guru after years of Sushrusa(service to guru and advice in return is easy to do but it is quite complex from pov of shastras and guru himself). Did he give you any mantra? Did you practice under him? Do you think or is he accomplished in that mantra(did he achieve siddha of that mantra)? Because it is necessary to worship respective guru before chanting mantra blessed by him to you out of mercy, fate and many other reasons. Because you may have to leave only after getting the siddha of that mantra which requires total dedication to guru. It is said that if you cannot visualise the dhyana mantra before the mantra you can simply visualise your guru's Charana(feet) for faster accomplishment of mantra. If you leave that guru after taking mantra and not practicing it anymore due to personal philosophical or political reasons that will result in bad karma and it may haunt you. Things are not that simple.

    Guru requires Bhakti and Shraddha. Even Ishwara requires Shraddha and Bhakti. Guru is the way to your goal. What are those differences in personal beliefs?Because guru may get dosha if you are leaving him and not fulfilling the act of finishing practicing his teachings because it is said that adhyatmika Vidya should be given only to those who are worthy and kind of knowledge should be that which suits your Guna(character) and many other factors. You really dont want to be one who causes bad karma to your former guru!. I know these tings may disturb your pursuits. But let us not be ignorant of facts just because we dont want to see facts. My personal suggestion would be to talk to your guru about your differences. Ask him and solve as many problems as you can. He may know more things about you than you. Because Guru is Swaroopa of Dakshinamurthy.

    Finally surrender to your ishta, contemplate and realise. Wish you all the best for your spiritual pursuits.

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