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Thread: Few Questions on Hinduism please.

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    Few Questions on Hinduism please.

    Hello all, first please note that I am not Hindu or belong to any religion. I am here to ask some questions out of curiosity and not to judge or condemn anyone. I am seeking facts rather than opinion so if anyone can help me clarify some things it will be greatly appreciated.

    Here in NY I am among lots of Hindus as my mom and some relatives, some neighbors and friends are Hindus also. I think I am seeing that Western Hindus might be different than Hindus in India in their beliefs and practices. if I remember correctly one Hindu gentleman years ago had said if you are a westernized hindu then you are not hindu, or something to that effect.

    Anyway guys, what I would like to know is facts from the Hindu Holy books on these issues.

    I have cousins who started fasting from meat only on Thursdays and they said things started getting better for them when they started doing this. We had tenants who were hindus who would fast from meat most days of the months yet they always had problems. Then when coming to any religious occasions I notice that all Hindus have different amount of days that they fast from meat so my question to this is, is there a standard set of days a Hindu is supposed to fast before and during religious occasions or is this up to the individual, what does the hindu holy books say about this please? Thanks.

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    Re: Few Questions on Hinduism please.



    Incase hinduism is taken as another religion then one will be confused. Hinduism should be taken as a research findings of thousand and thousand of scientists (called Rishis and Munis in those days and continuing) on Life and Creation. Now this provides a total insight about the integrated and interconnected living of everything "living and non living" and beyond. the world of Minds, which belongs to subtle world and how those minds are connecting to all around in silent ways as the waves of our thoughts intermingle with nature and surroundings.

    Now all through these, there have been best practices developed across India based on the local flavors of environment availability and practice. And these varies hugely obviously. This will lead to more confusion to outsiders.

    Though the basic beliefs are same, the traditions and practices are different.

    So there is no standard pattern to practices. However, many of the food related practices are more to do with health (and thus mind). It's like going for Keto diet. Intermittent fasting.

    These anyway are getting rediscovered by others.

    Best wishes
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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