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Thread: Is there a standard fasting from meat period in Hinduism?

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    Is there a standard fasting from meat period in Hinduism?

    Hey guys, I am in NY and have Hindu friends, relatives and neighbors who fast from meat at whatever religious holidays. What I am noticing is they all have different amount of days in which they fast. Like the Christians fasting for Lent it's 40 days so I am wondering if there a set amount of days for Hindus to fast or is it allowed for the individual to choose however many days they should desire please?

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    Re: Is there a standard fasting from meat period in Hinduism?

    I think my friend you have to figure out in difference hindu and hindi. I found for you this article about Difference Between Hindi and Hindu | Differencebtwn
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    Re: Is there a standard fasting from meat period in Hinduism?

    Traditionally meat is abstainined during sacred thithis(days) - ekadadasi,pournami(full moon day) and amavasya(new moon day) and on monthly special tdays like masa Shivaratri, Sankara hara Chaturthi and on jayantis(festivals) of gods. Depending upon on tradition one is inclined to and initated, this applies to navarataras of Ganapathi and Devi. Remember that there is no prohibition of meat(excluding cow, dog,pig etc) for all Varnas(excluding brahmins and even brahmins who are not initiated into esoteric sampradayams which require sacrificial meat offerings). However according to Manu Dharma Shastra and Maha Bharata , giving up meat is an act of merit and is always advised to do so.

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