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Thread: Soma and Plant Medicines

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    Soma and Plant Medicines


    I put this in canteen because its a subject that should be approached in a relaxed way and with a lot of considerations and full deliberation.

    These posts are for self education purposes only and not promoting any use of them, its mostly to take away the misunderstandings that surround plant medicines and ancient way which are fully applicable today to the raising of higher universal One consciousness.

    These practices are also not a quick route to enlightenment, there are no short cuts, they involve a lot of deep work and commitment.

    Generally people think that psychedelics is something that came from the west and is something that only hippies or drug addicts takes. This is the common view among a lot of people, but this is far from the truth, they have been used since Ancient times for healing, connection to the natural world and for Self Realization.

    I have been working with a consortium ( not the ones in this video ) of South Indians that are working to reawaken the knowledge of sacred plant use and to develop ways of awakening traced back to experience and gaining direct knowledge through mystical communion.

    From my friends in Nath Sampardaya they are also quite keen to reawaken rasayan practices attributed Nagarjuna, who is accepted in their samapradaya.

    I think its exciting times.

    Not all the plant medicines are psychedelic, many are for general well being.

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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines


    Here is one medicine that is well worth some research. The long list of benefits and the affordability of this amazing plant medicine makes it easily accesible for most people.

    It is also good for vegans and vegetarians as a food supplement if they do not know how to balance their diet or feel weak.

    Its one of the or The strongest antioxidant, and is a valid alternative to the flu jab. And can be used topically for most external skin issues.

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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines


    A good natural product that has been used for ancient times for spiritual development and brain building and general health

    originally it was used by yogis and mystics in China and Japan to deepen meditation and experience in the supra mental and divine states

    lions mane also has benefits for the physical realms

    Here are a couple of starter videos for those interested

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