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Thread: Soma and Plant Medicines

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    Soma and Plant Medicines


    I put this in canteen because its a subject that should be approached in a relaxed way and with a lot of considerations and full deliberation.

    These posts are for self education purposes only and not promoting any use of them, its mostly to take away the misunderstandings that surround plant medicines and ancient way which are fully applicable today to the raising of higher universal One consciousness.

    These practices are also not a quick route to enlightenment, there are no short cuts, they involve a lot of deep work and commitment.

    Generally people think that psychedelics is something that came from the west and is something that only hippies or drug addicts takes. This is the common view among a lot of people, but this is far from the truth, they have been used since Ancient times for healing, connection to the natural world and for Self Realization.

    I have been working with a consortium ( not the ones in this video ) of South Indians that are working to reawaken the knowledge of sacred plant use and to develop ways of awakening traced back to experience and gaining direct knowledge through mystical communion.

    From my friends in Nath Sampardaya they are also quite keen to reawaken rasayan practices attributed Nagarjuna, who is accepted in their samapradaya.

    I think its exciting times.

    Not all the plant medicines are psychedelic, many are for general well being.

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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines


    Here is one medicine that is well worth some research. The long list of benefits and the affordability of this amazing plant medicine makes it easily accesible for most people.

    It is also good for vegans and vegetarians as a food supplement if they do not know how to balance their diet or feel weak.

    Its one of the or The strongest antioxidant, and is a valid alternative to the flu jab. And can be used topically for most external skin issues.

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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines


    A good natural product that has been used for ancient times for spiritual development and brain building and general health

    originally it was used by yogis and mystics in China and Japan to deepen meditation and experience in the supra mental and divine states

    lions mane also has benefits for the physical realms

    Here are a couple of starter videos for those interested

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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines


    I thought to include this video as its highly relevant to whats going on at the moment. Maybe people are aware maybe they are not, but there definitely is a reemergence in the taking of psychedelics, plant medicines and attributing these to experiences in consciousness or spirituality, healing and awakening. Whether ones takes them or not should not deter one from educating themselves in the right way, because of its relevance to the world that we live in today which is not just a trend, the way i see it is a reaction to the extremes of materialism where nature offers ways to balance extremes, often with extremes measures and the prime target is consciousness indivudually and collectively. And lets face it, the world is in quite an extreme state where information technology ( propaganda) politics and brainwashing media is very high on the influence of peoples thoughts and actions and is a serious problem.

    While there definitely is a drug problem in the world and it causes havoc and destroys society, individuals and communities, there is an ancient way where plants medicines, as the preferred word for these substances, are used in the right way. If one scoffs and has high moral aversion to these things, rather than be educated and functional in the real world, my only advise is a short and sharp one and that s please lock yourself in room or bury your head in the sand, facing reality as it, while it maybe harder experience is far more beneficial in the long term for the evolution not only of our species as humans but for the whole organisms of conscious sentient life on the planet.

    My own personal experiences in these are limited and occasional, which is not really necessary to disclose although i am not closed to further exposing my experience to them if set and setting is favourable, , but i actively stay in touch with current waves of spirituality, which is the reason for me today to post this video. And i am presently practising with some herbs, such as tian men dong the flying herb, Brahmi, Calea zacatechichi and have just made a new order of Silene capensis and some others which are all legal where i am and can be made into tinctures or teas. Im not spending to much time online because its a mess of information and hard to tolerate because people are easily mislead, i do consider this is a great time for inner work and not to be to over-concerned with external affairs as propagated and controlled by asuric materialists. But maybe at some point i will add more to this thread of some personal experiences and general insights and what maybe important for further research and practices.

    Plant medicines, which is recommended in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter IV, verse 1: Verse 1: janma-osadhi-mantra-tapah-samadhi-jah siddayahsamadhi. "The power of Siddhis can come because of previous Karma and genetics (janma), from herbs (Aushadhis), the use of Mantras, the kindling of the psychic fire (tapas), and/or from Samadhi." and also parts of ayurveda, mostly the ancient sciences have been taken out of society and ancient cultures by the church crusades of institutional Christianity and their materialistic war like policies and control systems, which is different from ancient practices and is certainly a virus on the planet which needs to be wiped out so the ancient ways can recover their memory and the practices can be part of our society in the right way, which maybe asking to much but at least one can try.....

    What the video concludes is that ones needs a sadhana or a regulated way of life based on spiritual traditions, he uses the word religion, not my favourite word but as a simple convention to get the point across in the most basic terms it will do for now. To understand and integrate the higher dimensions where one can often be thrown into the experiences are very difficult to integrate into the crazy world that is going on and may not be able to retain, as the old story hare and the tortoise moral simplifies gradual has a lot of benefits and can form the firm foundation, so to have some sadhana, which in itself is a very deep topic with much to explore and discover and is far beyond what people think it is as some mechanical technique is vitally important.

    I thought to just add a disclaimer that the persons views and experiences within this video are subjective and his own and many things should not be taken literally or as absolute, hence the need for unity of the awakening culture through psychedelics and ancient traditional knowledge, this is a work for synthesis, where as i see both can benefit from each others discoveries.

    Hare Krsna
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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines

    Hare Krsna,

    The science and importance of gut health and the cleaning of the intestines is well covered in Ayurveda and perhaps one of the most important factors in self purification. I was reflecting recently after chat with a friend on the 8th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam where the asuras and deva are churning the the ocean of milk for immortality. There are many things on many levels that can be drawn from this and one idea for reflection is that the gut which is an important organ for solar energy to raise up in meditation is that the asura and deva can be likened to good and bad bacteria within the gut. Consciousness is related to the blood and all food stuffs digest into different energies and will eventually turn into blood which then nourishes the brain and the rest of the body and nervous system. Toxins in the gut ( ama, the root of asura) is negativity within the body and can be the root of such things such as anxiety, depression and general lower states of consciousness and lead the consciousness away from its potential of being more enlightened. When the gut is clean and the solar energy of light ( dynasty of ram ) in the solar plexus is flowing it enables the right channels for sattva the ahara of brahman the prasadam or divine gift of shakti's energy that brings higher states of being which produce soma and deeper insights into the eternal expanding nature of the Atma. So the importance of healthy gut within ones or part of ones sadhana is very important if not vital, even if one has more mundane aspirations of living a good life within the material timespan for a brief period these guidelines also help, such as to run faster or be more productive at work, although there is far more than just the outward success of the limited being on offer.

    In this age most people are quite lazy and have been conditioned and programmed to a switch on switch off way of life, instant results or lazy religionist who expect some higher divine force to do all the work for them, have lost the way of long term gradual elevation which leave lasting results, so people are looking for quick fixes, nature is so intelligent that she can offer things that can help with minimum effort, one such gift of nature at the moment a growing product called zeolite. I was offered this product by a friend and i questioned little due to being a good source and i can vouch that it works, but there is more information online if one needs to research, below is just one quick video for reference. This is only in part to stress the importance of taking care of the gut, which has been emphasized throughout the ages as vital to our existence on many levels, fasting, good diets, cleansing the gut and using good priobiotics and herbs and natural resources.

    The asuras will soon be introducing a vaccine which will make them a lot of money and further their outside control, and my advice is because by force people will have to take is to instantly clean the system and restore it back to its healthy normal natural condition , so researching gut health is of high importance

    Hare Krsna
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    Re: Soma and Plant Medicines

    Hare Krsna

    While we on the subject, here is some info on an fast emerging trend, its something that should be taken serious, and a much better alternative than pharmaceutical medicines.

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