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Thread: Tirupati vow- please advise

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    Tirupati vow- please advise

    Namaste everyone..please help me in clearing my doubt

    My father suffered a stroke in 2016 due to which his left side got paraysed due to which he is not able to walk normally. He walks but not normally like he used to walk before. Except this, he doesnt has any issue and by God’s grace he is healthy, except the paralysis issue.

    4 months ago I visited Tirupati and prayed Goddess Padmavathi deity to fulfil my wish my healing my father’s paralysis problem Completely. And in return i made a vow that IF Goddess cures my father’s left side paralysis problem Completely and make his body’s left side Normal ,then i will bring my father for Tirupati darshan.

    Last month when i went to my hometown i saw improvement in my father’s left side of the body as he has started driving car on his own. Although the recovery is still not 100% as i wished from God, but there is improvement as he is driving his car on his own. The further improvements will keep happening in future for sure. But seeing this improvement i did not wait further and brought him to tirupati darshan to fulfil my vow which i made to God. In other words, i brought my father for tirupati darshan before complete fulfilment of my wish (before my father’s 100% recovery)

    Will that be considered fulfilment of my vow/promise which i made to God? Or my vow which i made to God will not be considered fulfilled, as i did it before fulfilment of my wish. And do i have to again fulfil my vow in future when i see further improvement in father’s left side of the body in future ?

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    Re: Tirupati vow- please advise

    Namaste rv2789

    I wish you to come out of your dilemma. You asked God to cure your father, you saw improvement and fulfilled your vow. What should be wrong if one, out of joy, fulfills a plan in advance? Out of joy you showed gratitude.

    You are sure that the further improvements will keep happening in future - therefore trust in God, put it in His hands and let go.

    And if you see further improvement - where is the problem to show gratitude again? Gratitude does not depend on a vow.

    You received already answers in your previous posts … these are my thoughts. If you cannot find peace I recommend to ask a priest.

    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: Tirupati vow- please advise


    Hi Indialover...So the vow which i fulfilled before 100% recovery of my father, will be considered fulfilment of my vow which i made to God, or not?

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