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Thread: Responsibility of family members in Hindu Dharma

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    Responsibility of family members in Hindu Dharma


    I have been thinking about rv2789's situation for a long time. I feel with him (supposing he is male), who took over such a burden.

    I wonder, that he always writes about what he does and did for his father. He does not write about his father’s active role? Why did or does not the father take the vow? It is his life.

    Is in Hindu culture the son (or the daughter) responsible for the father’s wellbeing or even for his life?

    I know about a vow taken by wives for the wellbeing of the husband.

    Apart from rv2789‘s post I would like to know about this custom.

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    Re: Responsibility of family members in Hindu Dharma


    Is just out of love for your family members. You want to see them happy and healthy thats why. There is no custom. Its out of sheer love.
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    Re: Responsibility of family members in Hindu Dharma

    The family unit is very important in Sanatan Dharma which is the eternal religion: one must take care of all one's family members as a joint responsibility. The parents look after the children and then when the parents get old and frail and have health issues the children devote all their energies and equipment to the welfare of the parent. The same between husband and wife, the wife takes Care of the husband and the husband takes care of the wife.

    In my understanding of Santan Dharma, if this family unit is cared for, the rest of society will benefit in turn. The individual is married in the sight of God as a vow, that that vow involves taking care of the family structure. In the old days the family structure was extensive but this has been eroded in recent times due to the influence of western values. The community develops from the focus on family values that then extend into the neighbouring community and society is attained.

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