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Thread: Namaste and Pranams to all

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    Namaste and Pranams to all

    I have just joined Hindu Dharma Forums and hope to have enlightening conversations with everyone on Religion and Science and a combination of the two.

    My background is in Agricultural Science so religious thoughts is only a relatively recent idea for me and I hope to learn here and I have explored many questions that I could not answer in the end.

    I am 63 years of age and retired from active life in employment.

    Hope I am welcome here.

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    Re: Namaste and Pranams to all


    Welcome to the forum. You are most welcome here.

    The other day someone asked me a question for which I did not have a satisfactory answer. So, as an opening discussion, a king is supposed to protect his kingdom which includes every member of his armed forces. In the Mahabharat yuddh, Shri Krishan was the charioteer for the very person - Arjun - who was annihilating His army (as they were fighting alongside Duryodhan against the Pandav army). So, He was actively getting members of His kingdom killed. There must be a purpose, a higher cause for this to happen. How do we justify this seeming anomaly?

    Thinking about it later, it became evident that Shri Krishan had to be with the virtuous side and help them win the war. That meant letting His army meet the unfortunate fate. It was all in the cause of virtue winning over the evil. The scriptures are to be accepted as they are and not studied for evaluations. Every single event happened to promote the cause of goodness.

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    Re: Namaste and Pranams to all

    Namaste and welcome shantanu Ji

    Science is very much part of our day to day life in this era so it’s an important department of knowledge

    the word religion is more more or less part of the past and there relationship historically between science and religion has not been very good

    Vedanta which can loosely be translated as consciousness is much more fitting and science is now much more interested to approach the relationship between between science and consciousness

    as soon consciousness is applied to sciences then all the sciences along with the scientists becomes perfect

    Hare Krsna

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    Re: Namaste and Pranams to all

    Mahabharata is very deep and works on many levels it can be simple played out as drama or great epic to express life on many levels

    Maybe it can be seen as a real event that happened some 5000 years ago but it has much more depth than just some historical account of a former age

    the narrator is veda vysa and the writer Ganesh both represents higher forms of consciousness to great for me to try and explain

    The key to understanding the events on the battle field is in the first few sloka of Bhagavad Gita

    when the understanding is as cosmic one beyond the historical account and the forces on each side of the army are seen as the battle that takes place to become Self realised and these attributes of consciousness are seen as principles or attributes of consciousness that have a different timescale then Mahabharata becomes a timeless and timely epic that’s exists within the sadhaka’s growth

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    Re: Namaste and Pranams to all

    Namaste markandeya ji

    Science has no doubt improved our material welfare, but at the cost of our spiritual welfare. And this is an essential part of our living conditions. Without religion we cannot focus on the appropriate scientific developments that are environmentally sustainable such that Mother Nature that provides us humans with what we need is not hurt by the focus on our material demands. Religious or philosophical truths should guide science into developing the means to live in accordance with our environment.

    This does not imply that we should worship any God or Gods, just Nature as one comprehends Brahman-Nature that I believe guides humanity at all levels of individual perseverences, be that under sattvic, rajasic or tamasic motivation.

    Science is not able to investigate Consciousness, it is only the individual mind that can examine through one's thoughts and imaginations that can then be put into material tests to discover the nature of Reality. The human mind has been capable of this for thousands of years in India and it is as appropriate today than ever in the past, more so because human beings are decimating Mother Nature, which is spitting on the very hand that feeds us. We need to get back to worshipping the parents (Sri Krishna as father and Durga as Mother) and revere them and accomodate their spiritual existences.

    Hope that makes sense.
    Satya-advaitist: Fully test the true reality and accommodate yourself within it.

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