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Thread: Single pointed devotion

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    Single pointed devotion

    || राम ||


    I have been deeply impacted by term "single pointed devotion" - however am unable to fathom how such a person would act/respond/behave in hustle-bustle of every day life. Would his/her response be on similar lines of "stithaprajna"... When thrust in the noise of everyday life how would his/her single pointed devotion sustain itself/protect itself from worldly engagements/duties/distractions

    Please share your thoughts.

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    Re: Single pointed devotion

    I'm not sure if you got the spelling correct.

    Sthitaprajna is a Sanskrit term that means “contented,” “calm” and “firm in judgment and wisdom.” It is a combination of two words: sthita, meaning “existing,” “being” and “firmly resolved to,” and prajna, meaning “wise,” “clever” and “intelligent.”

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