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Thread: Truth Accommodation as a Religious Practice

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    Truth Accommodation as a Religious Practice

    Hinduism focuses on truth from Scriptures such as Satyameva Jayate in the Mundaka Upanisad.

    In practice it is a very difficult to achieve without a guru-guidance in human form.

    This is because when one pursues truth intensively and persistently as one's own guru one finds that there is no divine help for assuaging the mind and helping one to chart his or her own truth path to the destination of attaining peace of mind.

    Peace of mind is the only liberation from worldly matters that a person can strive to as a householder and dare I say the same to the advaitist or other spirutual person spending his or her time in isolation from society in temples or ashrams.

    Without a guru to guide a person on how he or she should think in order to conduct himself properly in society, there is another way to determine the above truth, namely that peace of mind is the only objective of man (Om Shanti Shanti Shanti).

    From experimentation one finds that the reliable manner in which one can go through the journey of jnana yoga is through the process of truth accommodation, which means having no attachments to any beliefs, theories, ambitions, plans, and in fact to no human concepts whatsoever, and continually accept the new realities that become evident from one's actions.

    When one does that one experiments on the purpose of life and through the process of discrimination (neti neti) one rejects one's raison detre's continually until one arrives at a destination that satisfies the mind and gives it peace of mind.

    Truth accommodation (I have used the word in Hindu parlance as satyaadvaita) means oneness with the truth that one finds oneself in every moment of the day to assess the imminent reality as well as the durable and ultimate permanent realities.

    Through this religious practice, one may encounter God or gods and see for oneself if God is of any use to one in charting one's future. If there is such a God for one, he or she will be a bhakta. If he or she experieneces no God or gods, he will be an advaitist. If he or she experiences God as Brahma, Shiva or Vishnu, he will be a brahmoadvaitist, a Shaivoadvaitist of a Vishistaadvaitist. If he or she transcends the gunas further, he may enter the transcendental existence, whom we as Hindus revere well beyond their time on Earth has gone.

    This is my experience of employing truth accommodation to determine the role that I am in now as someone who believes in Sanatan Dharma finally. Sanatan Dharma is a way of life and so it describes my Hinduism that I learnt through satyadvaita process of truth-accommodation.

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    Re: Truth Accommodation as a Religious Practice

    our own conscience can act as a Guru. If we choose to do wrong, there is a pang in our heart from our soul, pleading with us not to do wrong. We can listen to that voice. Or, we can choose to defy conscience to do wrong acts.

    The world is a place of exceeding compromise. But, if we take directed action to try and do good in each and every situation, we develop habits of mind that allow us to fight against the nature of the world.

    And, in this way, we find a way to do more good and to avoid doing wrong.

    Daily spiritual practices are the best defense against the intrusions and limitations of the world.

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