I have been searching the meaning of Advaita gradually through the practical (yogic) processes of satyaadvaita (truth accommodation) and came through various stages such as Brahmanism, Brahmoadvaita, and then Transendentalism, none of which satisfied me. Through the processs that I experimented reality one thing was clear. I was losing my attachments to everything gradually. However, a transcendentalist is also an attachment because one is practicing something from the focus on 'I' or ego.

The philosophy of satyaadvaita was to take action by judging the imminent reality and accommodating it continuously to establish one's personal path in life, thereby navigating the prevailing reality by creating one's own reality towards one's destination of liberation from the nuances of Brahman-Nature. For me Brahman-Nature consisted of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness but on reflection relating to Brahman-Nature that is a material-cum-spiritual concept and an attachment and therefore not the Ultimate Reality. When there is union of the Self with Reality, that is when atman=Brahman, and nothing other than Brahman exists., that is the Ultimate Reality.

So what is Brahman? It is not Consciousness for that is a material concept. Brahman is the Hindu word for Self.

What is liberation? It is detached existence. All that exists is Brahman. Liberty and freedom and liberation are all material and a spiritual concepts that are negated in Advaita. I came to understand that the seeker should not rest until this goal is attained, of total detachment from life.

This is not the philosophy of nothingness. Brahman is not nothing, it is something. The Self. Tat Tavam Asi. Thou art That.

Please help me understand whether I have arrived at my destination at last.